First of all, considering how futuristic virtual reality machines look compared to regular video game gear, you would assume they are the last ones to appear online, and you would be wrong!

Virtual Reality has been around since the late 1800’s in one form or another. Only modern day headsets that have finally capture this powerful technology properly arrived in recent years. Nowadays, you can find thousands of them. A great source of good quality, brand new and old-school machines is


Virtual reality just became available to the mainstream only a few years ago. And because it all happened extremely fast, companies are still, up to this day developing new software and equipment for this recent phenomenon.

Virtual reality machines have evolved drastically over time, especially because companies have continued to develop VR products with a range of applications. That is where software development companies and saw the opportunity to expand, so they introduced lower cost versions of early attempts at VR, allowing people from all around the world to test out new machines without spending considerable amounts of money. That was truly something revolutionary as it allowed companies to develop new offerings, bringing value to the industry at a very quick pace.

Virtual Reality Myths

Mythbusters does have episodes related to virtual reality, but the community and people playing them have also broke some myths themselves, over the past twenty or so years.

These are some of the most common myths related to virtual reality, along with the true statements, completely busting them:

  • Virtual Reality is just pie in the sky thinking. – Completely false. VR is now here in full force in 2017 and still continues to grow constantly. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are highly sought after headsets and they carry price tags to match. 

These two are related to the previous one:

  •  VR is far too expensive for the mainstream. This is completely opposite of the truth, and the reason is the same as for the previous myth. The industry continues to expand and is also available on consoles and smartphones for a fraction of the cost of the two leading headsets.
  • VR is still too early. – Absolutely false, the industry continues to advance while having practical applications now. For example, VR only games are now a strong category and VR ready PCs are becoming the gold standard when buying a new PC.

The reason why there are no more myths is that all of the information about virtual reality has evolved so much that it simply is able to attain what it could not in the past. The scary thing is that virtual reality will only get stronger in the future.


  1. Those are some interesting facts about virtual reality, but some interesting facts that I know of is that virtual reality is not just used for video games, but also used for therapy and even simulations (such as driving simulations to bring in some training or help get rid of irrational fears of driving). Virtual reality is making the future a lot better.

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  2. Well it is interesting that virtual reality has more history than i originally thought and how it has evolved as time has gone on. Technology continues to expand and more possibilities open up and it is fascinating to observe in this case how virtual reality will improve with the advancement of new technology.

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