Take a trip down nostalgia lane and stick around to read about a game you’ve probably already played on your phone or computer. And it got a bit addicting, right? We’ve taken some valuable life lessons we’ve cherry-picked from The Sims game just for you.

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Anyway, enough with the serious talk. Here’s our game talk.

Building Success Usually Takes Endurance And Patience

Try to get your Sim to take care of their house, their main job, and all other responsibilities while squeezing in what they have to do to become successful, and you’ll see that they (typically) can’t do it overnight. Even in The Sims games, it takes time. 

Success really is about consistency, and it’s built by all the small and big steps that accumulate over time. The thing is, many people might be too impatient to see the long-term of what they’re doing. 

They might hand in the towel too soon, never knowing what could have happened if they continued. Even if results don’t show right away, have faith that all the work you put in is adding up to something, even if you can’t see it right now. 

Your Sim put in that extra effort outside of their job and responsibilities to put time into their writing, and it worked as they endured. In the Sims game, you can see that it’s building up to something from your bird view perspective. It can be the same in reality. 

You don’t see exactly where you’re going, even if you hope to get somewhere, but your efforts aren’t wasted. Have faith in what you’re doing and have the courage to want the best for yourself. Small strides or big strides, if you keep at something, one day you’ll reap the harvest. 

It’s Okay To Open Up And Talk To Strangers Once In A While

In Sims, you make friends by talking to a complete stranger, and as much as we like to complicate things in real life, this works in the physical world as well. A lot of people just don’t bother to get out of their comfort zone and shells. 

For a majority of us, modern life is hectic, and we’re working or always caught up in doing something. Many adults have a more challenging time making new connections.

But if we let ourselves enjoy the novelty, courage, and empathy to forge new connections by talking to strangers, we might be surprised. Besides, we’re social animals in the end. 

Taking Care Of Yourself First

From playing our fair share of the game, it’s pretty evident that nothing can get done, or we can’t be in a good state if we don’t take care of ourselves first. Maintaining our well-being is key to not just our survival but our overall happiness. In The Sims, when the energy bar is low, or if you haven’t showered your Sims, it’ll show. 

It’s the same in real life; by neglecting ourselves, we’re only putting ourselves at risk of getting sick, burning out, or even worse. Self-care should come first in most cases. We understand that, at times, completing something important can take all of your focus, but if you consistently neglect yourself in the long run, you’re only digging your own grave.

Health is wealth in all cases.

Upgrading The Right Material Can Better Your Life

When you upgrade your equipment in The Sims, you get more time. Take, for example, the bed. When you upgrade your bed, you sleep less in order to fill up your energy bar. It’s the same in real life. And we’re not advocating being decadent or overly materialistic.

We’re talking about spending money and investing it in material that can actually level you up. For example, if you’re a writer, artist, producer, or someone who just works a lot with the computer. Now, wouldn’t it make sense to invest some money into getting a good computer? 

And if you want to go on more road trips and want to access remote parts of your area, then it would make sense to invest in an off-road vehicle. If you take care of the investments you purchase, they can last you for years and make your life much easier or upgrade your quality of life significantly.

9-5 Won’t Make You Rich Overnight

As we’ve said, we’ve played our fair share of The Sims, and from what we’ve observed, our characters 9-5 never really got enough money. As long as they were producing work that was earning them money passively, they were more likely to get rich. It seems that your characters needed side jobs to attain wealth. Writers get royalties from their books, for example. 

Final Thoughts

Are you an avid Sims fan? Maybe there are some golden life lessons we’ve missed that you’ve noticed. Whatever the case, we think the nuggets of gaming knowledge we’ve gathered from this innocent game are eerily applicable in real life. 

It makes sense since The Sims is supposed to simulate our own personal “real” lives. We hope this article has provided some entertainment or maybe rekindled nostalgia and the urge to replay The Sims. We won’t blame you; we had our fair share of fun as well.