Victor Vran is an Action RPG that works better than most in the same genre despite the uninteresting name. For example, it runs rings around the long winded Van Helsing game in terms of loading and is much more fun to play than other games in the genre minus Diablo and possibly Torchlight. In fact, Victor Vran seems to take some of the best elements of ARPGs of the past and fuse them together in just the right way to make an impressive debut (in the event of possible sequels). For example, the loot will remind players of Diablo since it is possibly the best since that franchise. Minus the loot, the combat and narration really drive the way for this game’s fun factor.

The narrator constantly chiming in to taunt Victor Vran is priceless. The voice acting really hits the mark and adds a new level to the genre. The taunting goes so far as calling the hero “Vicky”. In other words, the narration drives the action instead of a great story. You want to know more about the voice after each sarcastic quip.

The combat is intense and the controls are spot on. Furthermore, you will not have to go far without fighting. The combat just flows as you hack and slash through waves upon waves of baddies. Since I am partial to huge melee weapons, swinging the hammer is a pure delight. You hit in a range instead of just one monster at a time. This is what keeps the action flowing.

On the down side, multiplayer is the biggest culprit by far. Keep in mind that the developers are not Blizzard and do not have to use. That said, co-op multiplayer is very limited unless you have friends already to play with. At the time of this writing, there were just five people on all of the servers. Co-op multiplay is fun, but it is a shame the game does not have more players playing online.

Overall, Victor Vran is definitely an action game to try if you like the Diablo games or any action RPG for that matter. The loot, combat, narrator, and even dexterous jumping will keep you interested must longer than you would expect.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful 3D Graphics.
  • Retails on Steam for normally $20.
  • Single player.
  • Action RPG.
  • Voice acting plays a major role.
  • Co-op gameplay.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Intense combat.
  • Frequent combat.
  • Loot aplenty.
  • Humor in the right doses.
  • Great music.
  • Different difficulty settings.
  • Xbox controller support.


  1. Loads fast compared to other games in the genre.
  2. Weapons are very different from each other.
  3. Good music.
  4. The game world makes the game feel unique.
  5. The voice acting is superb, especially the mysterious antagonizing voice.
  6. Offers a lot of variety.
  7. Easy controls.
  8. No level cap to worry about.
  9. Good loot.
  10. Good multiplayer with friends.
  11. Great item customization.
  12. One of the better jump abilities in any RPG.


  1. Save does not work well.
  2. Too linear at times.
  3. Not that much variety in loot.
  4. Monsters repopulate when you return.
  5. Online play can be scarce.
  6. Only one character.
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  1. Really good rpg game.One of best music I gaming,so far. I like graphic ,and gameplay either

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  2. Very good action RPG video game,it has interesting gameplay and good graphic,I enjoyed playing this game.I suggest it everybody.

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  3. Victor Vran is an amazing RPG action game.Really good gameplay and good graphic too.If you are lover of these kind of games then I definetly suggest you to try this game.I’ll give 5/5 to this game.Brilliant !

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  4. Beautiful 3D Graphics,Action RPG, Intense Combat and Great Music? Doesn’t​ that just sound a very good game which you’ll really want to play though the save not working well sounds bad, watching the video reminded me of Torchlight. 🙂

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  5. THis is a good action RPG with great 3D graphics that has a character that is very similar to Van Helsing! This game has a smooth game play and mechanics but do not underestimate the objectives of the game. It is not easy. The cost of the game in STEAM is normally $20 but its worth if you have some money to spare. Try it! Also, the only down side of this game is the small community that plays it. It is so underrated and causes Co-Op multiplay almost impossible without buddies to find.

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  6. This game is really awesome action RPG game with beautiful 3D Graphics. If you wanna played this game? This game is smooth to play and other than that is good intense in combat. I really wanted this game but I don’t have money to spare lol, 20$ :cat , well since I stop buying games? So. For those who really wanted or interested to played this, you will get this on steam that cost 20$. Also this game can be played in single player mode. The only bad is, the load system is not really good tho. But since it’s cool in game plays. So I recommend this game ^7

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  7. It’s a really nice 3d rpg, with great graphics and gameplay. The game has a great story line with some of the best battle mechanics I’ve seen in this camera view. So far, there are no bugs playing it, however the only con found on this game is that the progress takes long. Especially, since this is only a single player game. Overall, I find this game a 10/10.

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  8. I’ve been grinding my way through a haunted graveyard and chugging on health potions every few seconds when I have to admit it: I’m getting my ass kicked by a bunch of skeletons and spiders. The sword I’ve been using for the last few levels seems to have fallen behind the power curve, and I’m taking too much damage while I weakly stab baddies to death.

    Just in time, I open a treasure chest and find the preposterously named Zealous Executioner’s Hammer of Luck. I equip the monstrous two-handed warhammer and take aim at a nearby skeleton, the first of an advancing horde. He explodes so violently that the skeleton next to him explodes, setting off the next one, until the entire group has been reduced to a pile of calcium after one hit. Well, well, well. This hammer is a keeper.

    Like any ARPG, Victor Vran keeps getting compared to Diablo and Torchlight. It is like those games in some ways: there are levels to grind through and loot to find and weapon skills to chain together. But I think it’s more accurate to imagine it as Bastion strutting around in a campy Van Helsing cosplay. Victor Vran’s combat requires more involvement than click-click-clicking through Torchlight, and its sense of whimsy separates it from the (sometimes) self-serious Diablo. To be clear, Victor Vran is not as great as any of those games, but it’s not bad, either. Played with friends in co-op multiplayer, it’s a damn fine time.

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  9. Awesome graphics with an awesome story line.. That’s what an Action RPG aims to be. And this game got exactly that.
    What’s enticing is the narrator. It is one of the good points of the game. How well the narrator acted and how fine the voice and the dialogues were composed.

    All in all, i will give it 4/5
    Thumbs Uppy~

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  10. I already did a review on this game, and I’m here to update it. I’d have to say this is one of few best dungeon crawling games ever. I’d have to say this game is really similar to Diablo three and could perhaps be a replacement. It starts well but critics find this game mostly worse compared to it. Fights are long to play and usually ends with some insta death fights.However, there are a variety of monster to kill on this game like spiders and other crawlers. Overall if I was to rate this game it’ll be a 4/5.

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  11. Victor Vran is an interesting action role-playing game with an interesting concept and fun gameplay. There’s a bit of gothic element to the game, which I like, especially as the characer Victor pretty much hunts demons. The dungeons are really nice, and the combat is really great, especially the colorful graphics during combat. This game might not be exactly comparable with games like The Witcher and Diablo, but it is a really great game. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

    SnowyAE ratings for this post: SnowyAE gives a rating of 5SnowyAE gives a rating of 5SnowyAE gives a rating of 5SnowyAE gives a rating of 5SnowyAE gives a rating of 5
  12. A good ARPG combining standard ARPG elements with 3d movement on maps, including the ability to jump and therefore find new ways, secrets. Simple enough and also very enjoyable not only with Mouse+Keyboard but also with Xbox One controller. It has also a very funny commentar, a lot of GAGs.

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  13. Quite good RPG, it has all the features you would look for in one. The game play is spectacular and the controls are not the hardest to get used to. The graphics are quite good and the overall feeling of the game is just very entertaining. I am going to have to rate this game 4/5.

    Stroik ratings for this post: Stroik gives a rating of 4Stroik gives a rating of 4Stroik gives a rating of 4Stroik gives a rating of 4Stroik gives a rating of 4
  14. Victor Vran is an action RPG. This game plays like a brawler game where you go around and fight enemies, level up, get gear and get stronger! It has a multiplayer feature to bring your friends to have fun with you. It might not be as good as some of the others games in this genre like Diablo but it has its own strengths to compensate. This game looks very nice and controls are easy to get hang of. Solid 4 stars!

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  15. 4/5 – Victor Vran is a action RPG this game reminds me a lot of AQ3D just by the interface and skill tree and even animations. But this game is wayyy more developed. The only downsides is no sockets on weapons to stick jewels, no classes, you cant pick a gender and some of the cutscenes are just placeholders.

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