Video games have had a close relationship with mini-games since the advent of arcade games. Just as movies embrace mini-games as a theme, so do actual video games. Such mini-games traditionally feature exciting gameplay with extra-special winning opportunities. We can collate the most popular video games with mini bonus games from the many video games out there.

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Fallout: New Vegas

The obvious connection to gaming here comes from the game’s title. The world has ended, and the nuclear fallout survivors have rebuilt. If you find a way out and into a gaming arena, you’ll find plenty of engaging mini-games to play. Pretty much everything is available. You can play the games and earn caps, the game’s currency. It’s a fantastic way to challenge yourself because the system ties into the world’s randomness and the sheer nature of survival.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption II was so famous that many people were heartbroken it didn’t win the Video Game of the Year Award. Like the prequel, it’s essentially an adventure game that mimics the life of a cowboy in the countryside. The game contains six exclusive mini-games. Beat fellow competitors at playing cards for several of the games. Five finger-fillets is the knife game by running the knife between your fingers without stabbing yourself. To complete the game, you’ll need to win all six mini-games in Red Dead Redemption.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas appeared in 2004 as part of the PlayStation 2 series, and many believe it’s one of the greatest gaming stories ever. It’s about an adventurous setting with a dose of realism in it. Carl Johnson is the main character who goes back to Los Santos, a city full of corruption and gang issues. Unfortunately, the cops frame him for murder, so he drives through San Andreas to bring justice back to the streets. San Andreas has all the exciting action and speed-way thrills as the other titles in this magnificent series.


A game about the Japanese crime syndicate should have plenty of mini-games. Each Yakuza group has a whole district dedicated to gaming. Be careful because once you’re in debt, they have you under their thumb. Yakuza is a game that’s full of excitement and thrilling gameplay.

Fable 2

Fable 2 allows you to form connections with game characters. Killing or raising the rent turns you into a monster. Being decent to people makes you a local hero, albeit not for long. There are always those who were never happy, so the game developed some mini-games to relax. The mini-games are in pubs and have names like Keystone. Winning these games can earn money for your character. Playing the games numerous times gives you experience points and access to tournaments.

Final Fantasy 8

Is there a gamer who hasn’t enjoyed Final Fantasy? It’s a genuine classic that can provide you with endless hours of action gameplay. Final Fantasy 8 originally appeared in 1999 and is still lots of fun to play. PlayStation offers a Remastered version for an affordable price. The plot involves a fun mini game called Triple Triad (Triple Triad was once a forum game on GameOgre). According to the game storyline, Orlan is the psychic who developed cards for a special game. Soldiers then started using them for entertainment in between their brutal battles. Each region in the game created its variation of Triple Triad.


  1. Personally my favorite mini-games would probably be from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time since that game, for its time, brought so much to the table. There are fun mini-games like Dampe’s Graveyard Tour, Archery Range, and Bombchu Bowling, and then there’s the infamous Fishing mini-game.

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