The popularity of some areas of online gaming have been declining in recent years, prompting many gaming companies to explore new channels,
through which younger audiences will be drawn to these games. Although the
point of playing online games has more to do with potential profit than mere
entertainment, that doesn’t imply the fun factor should be disregarded.
Research into modern consumer preferences and psychology has clearly shown
that to give online games a chance; players now want to see the same level of
quality design, features and gameplay as in PC role-playing games or even virtual reality
merchandise. Incorporating the latter into gaming products has become the
next great ambition of leading providers in the online game industry.

VR Pioneer

Since this category is very much new in the gaming world
and the costs to produce a single product are far greater than anything
they’ve had to invest before, the veteran developer made a wise decision to
venture into this unknown territory using some of their tried and tested
games. Instead of starting from scratch, they refurbished popular releases,
adding some VR features to test audiences and study their feedback. Players
have so far been presented with early offerings of VR MMOs such as Orbus VR and Heaven Forest.

While there is no difference between the mechanics, the VR versions
simulate an environment which appears real, providing greater immersion.
The goal is not to change or improve the gaming aspects since there is
not much that can be done to alter these features without taking away the
purpose of the game but to transform their visual and sound qualities and
make players feel as if they physically transferred into life-like

The Oculus Rift

The main issue that has yet to be solved is the medium through which these
games can be best experienced. At the moment, players have to use the
Oculus Rift headset, a device expensive for a vast majority of players, who
would rather use the money for the actual gaming purposes. With the Oculus
Rift, players can walk through a virtual game, interact to some degree with the
environment, all the while having the impression of being inside a machine,
instead of sitting in a chair in front of it.


While not the first games to offer an elaborate VR platform, look VR MMOs to continually improve for the immediate future. While VR MMOs may still have a long way to go, before being accepted as  a standard online game offering, online players have so far responded quite well to next-generation games and new technologies.


  1. Oculus is too expensive for me. And I havent actually considered vr support when I purchased my new laptop a month ago but maybe I should in the coming days. Embrace change!

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    • Same thing for me as well. VR devices are just not around my price range and to be honest i have not really shown that much interest towards it myself, but it does frankly look fascinating regardless.

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      • Yea it’s not in my price range either but I hope to see it have progress, that way maybe in the future when there’s a high demand we could maybe afford it.

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