It’s been weeks after the release of Warframe’s expansion, the Plains of Eidolon. In the last few weeks, players have found various tips and tricks to survive in the titular plains. Let’s talk about what you have to do to prepare and practice to get the most out of the latest edition.

Before Venturing to the Plains

First, find these mods: (1) Vitality, (2) Serration, (3) Hornet Strike, and (4) Pressure Point. Then, level them up with endo. These mods are useful not only on the plains but also in general missions. Other recommended mods are (1) Flow, (2) Intensify, (3) Streamline, (4) Redirection, (5) Steel Fiber, (6) Reach, and (7) Fury. Look for undamaged mods since they are more effective and efficient compared to damaged ones.

Practice moving quickly. The plains are bigger and wider than the procedurally generated mission maps, and mobility is key, whether to avoid getting hit or to cover long distances quickly. Tying into this tip is the next, the Archwing.

Acquire an Archwing as soon as possible. The quest is available when the Mars Junction on Earth is unlocked. The Odonata, the Archwing acquired during the quest, can be done in two and a half hours, while the others might take a few days to complete. To use one in the plains, an Archwing Launcher must be crafted and used. Also, an Archwing Launcher Segment for the Orbiter must be researched in a Clan Dojo to craft a Launcher. The Amesha and Itza lArchwings is the recommendation for use the plains.

Build a Taxon, which is a small, robotic companion that can use the “Vacuum” mod that will suck up items within a range from your warframe. Its weapon procs cold even without mods, which can slow down enemies that attempt to sneak up on you. It’s a better companion to newbies than a Kubrow.

Level up your favorite equipment to 30. Apparently, this is to increase the mod capacity of the equipment for stronger ones. It will help improve your mastery rank that unlocks trading at level 2, which could expedite crafting and obtaining more equipment or mods with either credits or Warframe Platinum. In line with this, take the time to figure out weapons you’d like to use, and level those up.

There is a wide range of weapons to choose, so pick whatever works best for you. It also applies to warframes, if you have more than one. Archwings are available for any frame (as long as you have the Launcher), which makes frames with more mobility not more useful in the plains. Again, bring a frame that matches your play style.

For more experienced players, completing the Second Dream and War Within quests helps in exploration as well as Eidolon hunting on the plains. The added abilities obtained through these quests are a great boon to any who have them.

On the Plains

Don’t forget to use your Archwing for mobility. It provides added firepower and an advantage over grounded units. Plus, it puts the flying enemies within easy reach. Mod your equipment with the mods mentioned above for added punch and survivability, and use the frame you prefer.

There are discoverable fish statuettes in caves scattered across the plains. These are scannable, and if all twenty are scanned, you’ll get an achievement and a fish statuette on the Orbiter. Other players have compiled their positions on the map, but if you want to find out for yourself, be sure to prepare yourself to stay on the plains for a long time.

Prepare for a massive fight against Eidolons too, if you’re staying on the plains for more than one day-night cycle. They are massive tree-like titans that appear on the plains at night. They’re also remnants of a battle fought long ago on those lands. Bring friends and your best equipment loadout before attempting to hunt one!

There are various other activities to do on the plains, such as fishing, mining, bounties, and other quests from multiple NPCs on Cetus. Above all, enjoy your time on the plains. Good luck, Tenno!