Video game players are no strangers to the bizarre and inexplicable things that are part of their favorite games. Every time someone new starts playing Minecraft, the science and logic in the game absolutely baffles them. I mean, how do trees hover in the air fully intact, even though the lowest section has been chopped off?

Though strange features are a part of most video games, some games thrive and gain popularity due to the fact that their concept and gameplay are absolutely confounding. This makes for great content, and gaming YouTubers recognized this fact years ago. If you go online, you’ll find thousands of videos of people playing ridiculous, nonsensical games while having the time of their lives.

So, if you are taking a break from serious gaming using warzone hacks, why not give these a try?

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is a fan favourite, undeniably one of the most popular weird games. It came out in 2013, and even today, people can be found making videos of themselves playing this amazingly ridiculous game. As is evident from the name, it is a surgery simulation game, and you play as a surgeon named Nigel Burke who must save his patients. But what makes this game interesting are the somewhat unconventional treatment procedures.

The numerous ways in which you can interact with the patients lying on the operation table are pretty ridiculous. For example, you can easily rip off their limbs with your bare hands. While conducting heart transplant surgeries, you have to break the patient’s ribs, remove various organs, and then take out the heart. If you want to have a fun night with your friends, this is a great option.

Goat Simulator

The animal featured in this game behaves as differently from a real-life goat as you can imagine. Even the developers of the game joked about it when it was released in 2014, and let everyone know that it was not a serious venture. The game’s website tells the player that they no longer have to just fantasize about being a goat. Now, it can become your reality.

In regards to the gameplay, this is a third-person perspective game in which you control a goat that is running around wild and wreaking havoc. Your only goal in Goat Simulator is to destroy everything you see, so it is sure to be fun.

Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is another game in which you get to play as an animal. It was released in 2012, and has you emerge into a post-apocalyptic world, devoid of humans, as a Pomeranian or a small deer. This is a survival game, and as a little dog, you must find shelter, stay away from enemies and even find a mate. Don’t worry; you’ll unlock stronger animals as the game progresses.

Mister Mosquito

There must be something appealing about playing as a non-human but familiar creature in a ridiculous game that defies all kinds of logic.

Mister Mosquito is one of the older games on this list, having come out in 2001. It was first released in Japan, and in it, you obviously play as a mosquito which is constantly terrorizing a family. The goal is for you to suck the blood from various body parts of the Yamada family members. You must be careful since if they notice you, they will attack.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable released in 2011 and is extremely different from the more chaotic games listed previously. This game features the character Stanley, whom you will guide, and a narrator who will describe your journey and give you instructions. You have the choice to disobey the narrator and go a different way, and the game features multiple endings. Unlike in most games, the narrator of The Stanley Parable plays a pretty significant role and expresses his opinions on each of the options you choose.


Seaman must be one of the most bizarre games in this list if you consider the visual elements. It came out in 1999 and is a virtual pet game, but who would want this creature as their pet is a relevant question. The seaman is a human-fish hybrid, and yes, the human part is the face. As the owner of this aquatic creature, you get to feed him, provide him with your company and hold conversations with him. The behaviour and facial expressions of the seaman are eerily human, and it can evolve through various stages to finally become a frogman.