At one point in time, MMORPGs were certainly the biggest name in online gaming as the biggest would boast millions of concurrent players at their height – over time the genre has become more stale and quiet, there has been a push to see esports integrated into MMORPGs but largely unsuccessful but this guide to bet365 payment options in Canada has helped some become involved in the bigger options. There has been a small revival in the MMORPG genre, so what’s exactly going on?

The biggest MMO option of World of Warcraft is certainly seeing the most change, whilst it may still edge its way forward as being the most popular title in the genre currently it has been struggling. The previous expansion of Battle for Azeroth wasn’t received as well as some previous options and whilst the problems were fixed towards the end, the next and current expansion of Shadowlands didn’t help as it has also received the same criticisms. Recent drama outside of the game has also had an impact too leading to many of the biggest content creators and dedicated players moving away from the game, and many of these players are flocking to one of the games biggest competitors in Final Fantasy XIV. Given the current expansion still has around a year remaining, and no news on when the next expansion could release given what’s going on now, there’s a rocky road ahead here.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XIV, however, it does certainly seem to be on the rise – the sudden influx of new content creators and players because of the transition away from WoW has certainly helped, but also many new players are simply appreciating a change of pace after playing the same game for the better part of a decade, with paid expansions and a subscription cost too, it’s something still very much familiar for the WoW refugees looking to get a new MMORPG experience.

With new titles closer on the horizon like New World which could provide a great stopgap for those also seeking something different, and the promise of exciting future releases in Ashes of Creation and Palia too, there’s a lot of hype around games that may provide features missing from other titles or a new approach entirely, but with the latter options still having no planned release date and still being quite early on if their life cycle and the former being very early on too, whether they’ll endure through time like others is yet to be seen,

There is still one big red herring, something in the works that hasn’t yet been fully announced or fleshed out – a Riot Games MMORPG. Finding enormous success in the MOBA space with League of Legends, and growing success in the FPS space too with Valorant, it seems anything they touch is gold, and with a planned MMORPG in the works, it could be exactly what’s needed to pick the genre up once again and find exciting potential.