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Wheely 5 is a part of a very fun car game series. This installment is subtitled Armageddon! because meteor strikes sre damaging everything in sight. You start in a garage and try to stay out of all the danger going on. This series is about making your way through a plethora of obstacles and levels in a very bright colored world. Overall, this a great addition to the series.

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1. Free arcade game.

2. Must drive to safety.

3. Part of a large series.

4. Complete various levels.

5. Has a walk-though.

6. Travel over land and sea.

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Wheely 5 is another free flash game published for the web and is supported by advertisements displayed before, after, and during game play.

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  1. Very relaxing mini game where you play as a car…There is alot things to do like trying to find a wanted item or driving car on highway and trying not to crach into other cars…Also you need to find mini version of your car…There are tons of levels which have other types and requirements…Game is very likeable at least to me and play this game when i just want to relax…Worth checking out

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  2. Simple game where drive car,but you always have different missions.It is really good for spending your time. Check it out

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