Klondike type of card game that starts easy and and gets more difficult in next levels. Build the four top foundations in suit up from Ace to King. Cards on the tableau can be played on top of other cards in sequence down, but with alternation color. You can place any card or a sequense of cards on an empty spot. Click on the stack )top left) to get a new open card.

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  1. Another good solitaire game, in this game you need to arrange cards from A to K on top 4 places, u can arrange them one on another but they need to be 1 value lower and different sign, this game is harder then some other similar type because it has 4 sighs, which makes game rly hard. Game is fun to play

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  2. Wild West Solitaire is a nice solitaire game. I really like the western theme it has, especially the music. Even though there aren’t really any gimmicks to the game, the difficulty for this game is quite fair, especially considering that there’s a timer counting down. It’s actually quite fun. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.45/5.

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