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This is the first match of GameOgre.com’s MMO Showdown 9.  This annual tournament determines the best MMORPG out of 16 games. The winner will be named MMORPG of the Year. GameOgre.com also has a Prediction Contest for forum members each year for a $10 Game Card or $10 of Riot Points.

World of Warcraft


League of Legends

Although both of these MMO titans could easily wind up in the finals, how fitting it is to have these two face each other with certainty to kick off this year’s tournament. It is also fitting because WoW is the defending champ of last year’s MMO Showdown and and competed in every previous Showdown while this is the first year for League of Legends. That is due to the fact that this is the first year the Showdown has been opened up to other MMO genres. Coincidentally, League of Legends is already the odds-on favorite to win the whole tournament. Do you think that will be the case or will WoW stand its ground and successfully defend its throne?


  1. I voted for the League of Legends because its maybe the most popular game in the World, and I active play it. Its the only one game that I active play at the moment.
    World of Warcraft take to much for playing and you need to pay for it , thats a ” – ” for the game.

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  2. it is very hard to compare these two games because wow is best mmorpg game and lol is best moba game,but i think lol have a bit advantage because it is free to play

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  3. League is better as a game but WoW has better community 😉

    Both games are very fun to play but they can be sooo adictive expesally WoW….

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