We spend tons of money on technology. While some decisions can be made easily, others are way too hard. When you head out to buy a phone, you are aware of what features you want and the brand you like. You head to an online game to play and end up getting free vulkan vegas 50 free spins to play with. Spending money on an online game is not a tough decision. You enjoy it and reap benefits from it. Similarly, buying a smartwatch, television, laptop, and smartphone is easy. At least you KNOW what you want! 

Decisions get tough when you have to purchase a VPN. You’ve done some research and are aware of what a VPN is. However, some of you are still contemplating. We’re here to answer an important question. Is it worth using a VPN? Well, keep reading to find out the answer. 

What’s VPN? 

If you haven’t done some research, please note that VPN translates to Virtual Private Network. This creates a private network for your laptop/computer while you are utilizing a public internet connection. The Virtual Private Network hides your IP address which makes internet actions untraceable. 

Why Should You Use VPN? 

We can think of several reasons for using VPN. Let’s take a quick look! 

Safeguarding You from Your ISP 

 Your internet service provider holds a lot of data about what you search for. Hacking is less of a concern, but you wouldn’t want your ISP to know whether you are watching Netflix or adult films. You don’t want them to be aware of whether you are planning to buy diamond jewelry or travelling to the Bahamas. 

If you use VPN, the ISPs will not be able to sell your data to others. Did you know that ISPs make money by selling data to third parties? They are aware of your online habits, so selling this information is easy for them. Your browsing history can get you in trouble as well, especially in other countries. 

Changing your location is easier 

If you are travelling to a different country for work or leisure, you may find that the websites will be available in particular languages. Even if you are travelling, you can VPN to a known or familiar location and gain access to the pages in your language. 

There’s another benefit here. Let’s say you are from the United States but want to watch movies and shows from another foreign location. With VPN, it’s a possibility, and your identity won’t be exposed too. 

Protecting you on Public Networks 

If you are someone who uses public Wi-Fi, you are not aware of the dangers associated with it. You have no idea how dangerous it can be. The network may or may not be reliable. Security breaches have become common in today’s era. That’s why VPN is useful because it will connect you to an open network and also encrypt your data. Once you use a VPN, nobody can meddle with your information. 

Concluding Thoughts

In case you have made up your mind about purchasing a VPN, always check how reputable the company is. How much data does it offer on a per-day basis? Also, skim through the features they provide. Once you keep these things in mind, you will be able to purchase a VPN efficiently. Data is an invaluable commodity, and it shouldn’t be leaked or come into the hands of a hacker. VPN can protect you from these hackers and even your ISPs.


  1. It’s worth it, if you can actually trust the brand servicing you the VPN service, but you should be cautious with how VPN companies advertise their service. You could look up Kitboga’s video “VPN Companies Are Lying To You” for better insight of why you might not want a VPN.

    But on the flip side, aside from “privacy” that VPNs talk a great deal about, I think the real good reasons to use a VPN is just to change location (like if you want to change what ads you see on websites or even change the frequency of ads, or if you want to get better connection by connecting to servers close to a particular location).

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