Writing an essay on the causes and effects of online games can be as complicated or as simple as you are willing to make it. It depends on what type of causes and effects you want to talk about, as well as how you aim to approach the issue. Writers at Essay Zoo suggest that to really write a good essay, you need to be absolutely clear about what you want to say, and how you want to say it. Essays are at their best when everyone involved knows what is happening, and how things are going to unfold.

Why write on the subject of the causes and effects of online games at all?

The answer is because there are so many variables to consider, and angles to approach. Not everybody has the same ideas when it comes to online games – some people might choose to focus on why they came into being, while another might instead look primarily at the effects of the online games on the gaming community. These are only two examples – there are hundreds more available.

Essays work best when there is a lot of research to choose from; enough to make sure that you have an essay which is well-thought out and original, but not so much that you get bogged down in your arguments. The gaming industry and computer games have attracted a lot of attention in recent years, so there is a lot to choose from for people who want to write their own take on the industry, the people involved in it, or the games themselves.

An essay on the cause and effect of online games is one which could have a million different possibilities involved, only due in part to the fact that the industry is continuing to grow day by day. As our technology improves, so too does our capacity to create games which are truly spectacular, and this is what pushes people to continue to make new games, and improve existing ones.

Tips on how to write a paper on causes and effects of online games

  • Make absolutely sure that you know what your topic is: the essay can be as good anything you have ever written, but if you go off-topic, you will lose marks and readers.
  • Work on your thesis statement first. It’s okay if you change it later (this quite often happens), but have something to work from before you start your main essay.
  • Have an outline – this is helpful for a number of reasons, as it not only gives you a space to note down quotations and your thesis statement, and any books you want to refer back to, but it also gives you space to explore. Part of an essay’s success if predicated on being able to lead its reader through a logical argument. Having an outline allows you to change the placement of paragraphs, to check how the argument stacks up when they are one way as opposed to another.
  • Remember that the cause and effect essays always involve both causes and effects. They vary depending on what your focus is: two causes and an effect versus a cause and two effects. This may seem like a small difference, but it will give you a very different essay, depending on what you choose. Each essay always has one paragraph which is different from the others, and makes a contrast. This is what makes these essays so significant, since they can use the extra paragraph as a shock factor to indicate what they are trying to say much more effectively than would otherwise be the case.
  • These essays are normally quite formal in tone, so don’t make the mistake of using informal language.

Common mistakes

The most common mistakes when writing this type of essay is in forgetting the proper amount of research which you need to do. Since each paragraph can only use one main argument, it is quite easy to end up with too little research, Conversely, many people try to overstuff their essays with too much information, and end up with paragraphs which make no sense as a result. An easy mistake to make is to forget that the contrasting paragraph has to specifically contrast to the argument you are trying to make, not just to the topic at hand. Such arguments only work if they contrast with the previous arguments which have come up in the course of your writing.

Wrapping it up

An essay on the causes and effects of online games is an essay which has many pitfalls in it, but it also represents a lot of freedom. Cause and effect essays in general can allow you a lot of freedom, because you get to choose, in many cases, which aspect you will focus on, the causes or the effects. There are of course a lot of pitfalls, just as there are in many essays, but these can be avoided so long as you take the proper care, and make sure that you don’t overlook anything when doing your writing.