I (Ogreman on the GameOgre.com forums) have never been a big player of either mobile games or card games. However, that has changed this summer. I was stuck with an Ipad for a month and half and have plenty of time to try many mobile apps and games. It was during this time that I came across WWE Supercard. It had just launched and already have over a million downloads in about a week or two. When I first saw the name, I thought it was managing wrestling events because the list of matches are also called a card. When I first saw the image with the card coming off the top rope, I was a little disappointed since not played many online card games for long periods of time.

Discounting this disappointment, I went ahead and got started under the username Ogre. Well, my disappointment did not get any better when I got my first pack of cards and my first rare was a lower mid card guy that looked nothing like an Ogre. One of the things I did like about the game write off is that you can assign any card as your own champion and that is your avatar. Anyway, I started to play the exhibition matches and they were very smooth. I could even speed them up by pressing on the screen repeatedly. It was not long that I had my first Super Rare card, a SGT Slaughter, that really helped me enjoy the game further. In fact, that first Super Rare stayed my champion until I got my first Epic Card.

You see it has five main categories of rarity: Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There is also common and uncommon but those are just for starting out and serve as feeders for the higher cards a little later in the game. Every card has levels like an RPG and it only increases in levels by training with other cards. Since cards can not be bought directly or traded for, it sets up more realistic competition with the RPG approach. The cards with the higher levels and rarity have better numbers for the four stats used in matches: Strength, Toughness, Speed, and Charisma. Matches are 2 out of 3 fall affairs where cards match up directly against each other based on these stats. The winner gets to draw two cards while loser gets to draw only one. This is the first way to get better cards as was able to rise up at first mainly through drawing cards in exhibition mode.

The other way to keep moving up player tiers is to join a King of the Ring Tournament with 15 other players. These are very interesting because the challenger mode last 45 rounds at a rate of a match per hour. Yes, it takes almost two days whether you have to sleep or not. It takes over two days if you make the quarter finals and above. The time period is significant because the superstars who participating in the matches are losing stamina each time.  As they lose stamina, their stats decline accordingly. Thus, even the player with the best cards has to frequently change his cards or replenish their energy if they want to keep winning. Just started King of the Ring and you are taking a two trip without playing? Don’t expect to win much. Although, you did get rewarded for not even qualifying or winning a game, the rewards are better for finishing strong. For example, whoever makes it to the King of the Ring Finals gets a random pair of a certain rarity. This is important because two cards can be combined to form a pro version of the card. Done right, pro versions can beat all cards of the same rarity and even some of the above rarity.

All that said, how is the PvP easy? You know how it is tough to find an opponent sometime in PvP or you have to wait on them to get started or even have a bad connection? That is not even talking about the real nice ones who have to spew all types of verbal garbage at you and argues like crazy if you beat him or her. Well, Super Card does not have any of that. There is none of that sidetracking stuff and the matches and tournaments go so smoothly because real people are not actually playing directly against you. Instead, they are setting everything up and you are playing their cards and decks instead. The result is very refreshing and basically allows you to strategize against other people without having to worry about anything else. WWE Super Card may be a card app based on pro wrestling, but the ease of it all has been the main factor on me playing for over two months so far with almost 9000 matches. Possibly even better for some is that all that I have done in the app has been without spending a penny. Thus, it offers an incredible value for a free game and is not limited like some apps are. Overall, pro wrestling cards or not, I would rank it as one of the best gaming values on the mobile platform yet.


  1. I watched some youtube videos about this game. And its really cool. I am a big fan from
    wrestling could play it but my mobile is bad… I love how the fight looks like. Really cool game!

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  2. i got this game on my birthday , i thing this game not bad but it could be better but i must say i have a lot of fun playing this game.

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