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  1. ogreman
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  5. Zalb33
    New Blood Moon skins ^-^ I really like Jhin and Tf and i was a Jhin main before and i really like it :D What do you think about them?
  6. ogreman
    To reveal your forum stats in this skin, simply scroll over your name in a thread.
  7. ogreman
    Eventually, possible some time this week, both the forum and blog will have that secure protocol only.
  8. ogreman
  9. ogreman
  10. ogreman
    Some items such as reading threads have increased in value:).
  11. ogreman
    The point system for the forum has been updated.
  12. ogreman
  13. ogreman
    FragZone is the new default forum skin:).
  14. ogreman
  15. ogreman
  16. ogreman
  17. Pok
  18. brankomiljus20
  19. ogreman
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