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$10,000 April Prize Draw!

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by GameOgreVideos, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    The rules for April's $10,000 prize draw are changing. Any player who is part of a clan on the 30th of April using the new clan system (coming on the 12th of April) will be entered into a prize draw. 10 players will be drawn on the 2nd of May and inbox messages will be sent to those lucky winners.

    Prizes for 9 of the 10 January winners, and 7 from February have been sent and are on their way to you via Postie Pete!

    Congratulations to the following:


    * John from South Australia
    * Glenn from Florida, USA
    * Chris from Pennsylvania, USA
    * Anthony from New South Wales, Australia
    * Cole from Ontario, Canada
    * Holly from West Virginia, USA
    * Mindaugas from Hertfordshire, UK
    * Katarina from Kansas, USA
    * Brian from North Carolina, USA
    * 1 more winner still to be found!


    * Janice from Pennsylvania, USA
    * Humberto from Minnesota, USA
    * Tudor from Ontario, Canada
    * Zachary from California, USA
    * Ryan from Arizona, USA
    * Molly from Michigan, USA
    * Jonathan from Virginia, USA
    * 3 more winners still to be found!


    * It could be you!

    The March winners will be drawn on the 1st of April, so don't forget to check your inbox, you could be a winner!

    For more details about the competition in April, click here.
Thread Status:
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