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30 Day Items

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by GameOgreVideos, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. GameOgreVideos

    GameOgreVideos Game Ogre YouTube Channel GameOgre Developer

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    Attention MapleStory Fashionistas!

    Trends come and go, as Maplers know. Before you’re ready to pack away your winter wear for spring, designers are already showing off their fall lines!

    Now, you can keep your Maple wardrobe up-to-date and be ready for the next wave with the 30-day items Cash Shop Sale!

    Between March 30 and April 12, 2011, over two dozen 90-day items are available as 30-day items, at 30-day prices!

    Dress for the last few chilly evenings of early spring with:

    1200 NX!
    Vintage Hoodie Jacket or the Preppy Knit Vest!

    Or, prepare for the first days of sun with:

    1480 NX and 1240 NX
    Tiny Black Swimshorts and the Orange Scarf Tee.

    Rock one of these popular looks for 30 days, then move on to the freshest that Maple fashion has to offer!

    Get yours! Get some NX
    Wardrobe still lacking? Get more!
  2. sasuke24

    sasuke24 Clubbed for Shop Abuse

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    I wonder why Nexon add so much temporary visual only items.....?? :confused:
    I doubt that anybody will buy these cloths instead of buying Gachhapon Tickets........

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