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All Level's Guide: Dark Shadow / DS

Discussion in 'WYD Global' started by ThreeLitPigy, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. ThreeLitPigy

    ThreeLitPigy Banned

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    DS Hunting: Guide/Tips & Tricks
    Curious to see what your friends are talking about … this DS thingy?
    Need a good way to make money, guaranteed?
    If so, read below ^^
    -DS = Dark Shadow = Vice Boss = Snowfield/SF/Karden/Carden Boss
    -Located in SF in the Ice Palace (Big palace with icy blue walkways)
    -Once in Ice Palace, go to a room with a circle of verial guardians
    -DS spawns randomly here every server and 100% drops Ori or Lak Powder
    -That’s right! 100% - will always drop a powder
    -If the DS spawns randomly and is not hit, it will disappear after around 15 seconds
    Ingredients and Recipe:
    -1 BM Summon
    - Keeps the DS away from the killer and possibly assists with killing
    - If the summoner’s tigers can take 2 hits from the DS to kill (critical or not critical), use the tigers, otherwise use condor summons
    -1 Lure
    - Hits the DS to keep DS from disappearing (ranged weapon or spell)
    - Lures DS out of the circle of verials (hitting it and making DS follow you)
    - Makes sure DS starts attacking summons
    - Can also be the killer
    -1 Killer
    - Kills the DS
    - Can also be the lure
    Tips and Tricks:
    -DS will go after anyone, but once it stops to hit something (summons or player), the party leader will be targeted.
    -If the party leader is in 3 range of the DS, the leader will be hit
    -So, an ideal party leader would be a ranged killer/lure
    -If necessary, the summoner could be the leader, but beware, stay away from the DS
    -Sometimes, the DS will go after party members that are close to it
    -If that happens, just move far out of the DS sight and come back, it shouldn’t target that person again
    -If a verial is accidentally lured in along with a DS, keep calm, you can:
    - Lure away, leaving party as you do to reparty later
    - Pull away using TK “Attract†skill
    - Kill him fast (last and most dangerous option)
    -If the DS is trap-summoned in an unfavorable space, (possibly near verids), do in order:
    - Stop attacking DS
    - Move to spot where you want DS to go
    - Signal summoner to stop summoning
    - When one summon left, commence attacking
    - When DS charges, summoner does summon and lure runs away
    -If someone tries to KS, first try to talk them out of it
    -Then, if it fails, bring guild mates/ friends or PK them yourself right before DS is killed
    -Cheapest ways to kill DS:
    - Build a black-foema with 200-255 black mastery and all stat points in INT
    - Equip him with 10 map (12 for helm) grade A armor, +6 from training grounds
    - Get a wand with the highest MAP possible, possible an eye of carbuncle or kery
    - With ice skills in bar, you should hit a reasonable amount of damage ^^
    - Or,
    - Build a summon BM with 255 summon mastery (skill mastery boost equips)
    - Equip him with a cheap mount like a pig or dragon puppy so he can move faster
    - Offer yourself to help those in need of a summoner for some share in the loot
    WARNING: Should not try to take the spot away by PK, chances are if you are reading this, you are low leveled ^^
    WARNING: Stay out of arguments – there are 2 “spots†in every DS room – both sides can hunt peacefully
    WARNING: Go outside and exercise after long DS hunting – it’s bad for your health @[email protected]
    WARNING: DS has around 5,000,000 HP or so I’ve heard (never counted), plan with mana pots and a really long time clicking

    I hope this guide helped you with sharing my knowledge on the DS - remember, GM’s think about taking this boss away because of all the KS and PK problems, so try not to KS.

  2. chris

    chris Little Spike

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    nice guide for DS man.. since all the players goes hunting with this monster...

    i love the warnings section :p


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