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Alterverse Rise of the Bloodclans

Discussion in 'Free Online RPG' started by ogreman, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Jalen Blade

    Jalen Blade AlterVerse New Ogre

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    We're still working on this massive update. It's way overdue but nearly complete. But, here's a list of the features and improvements you can expect:

    1. Greatly improved graphics!
    2. The ability to build your own home level, alone or with your friends!
    3. Oculus Rift Support!
    4. Physics - Blow things up! Kick things, push things, move items to discover valuable treasures hidden under them!
    5. Hand to Hand combat - Smack, punch or kick your foes!
    6. Melee - Sword Fights! Hit your opponent with a stick or a staff or some other blunt object!
    7. Thrown Weapons - Throw spears, axes, darts, hammers, knives or grenades to name a few!
    8. Fired Weapons - Shoot crossbows, flintlocks even laser guns!
    9. Magic Spells - Cast spells on enemies and watch them blow up or run around with their pants on fire!
    10. Fishing - Enjoy an advanced fishing system allowing you to learn what type of bait to use where and when! Very relaxing and rewarding!
    11. Hunting - Hunt big game...before they hunt you!
    12. Customizable Avatars - So you can look as cool as you really are!
    13. Submit a Review, Invite a Friend or write your own detailed story!
    14. Complete Economy - Buy, sell and trade items. Rob and raid til your heart's content. Sell the spoils to a merchant...don't forget to pay your taxes!
    15. Mounts - Ride horses and other creatures, even give your bff a ride. Throw or fire weapons while mounted!
    16. Alliance system - Join or create your own Alliance, upload a web icon, Alliance flag and write your own desciption!
    17. Seige system - Take over the fort or castle of an opposing Alliance!
    18. Quests - Head out for adventure and major loot! As you complete quests you strengthen the lock on your War Chest!
    19. Inventory System - Carry things on you in your backpack or store them in your War Chest for safer keeping!
    20. Chat System - Chat locally, globally, with your Alliance or with a party you create on the fly!
    21. Instant Messaging - Using the TAP-Link, send IM's to your friends whether you or they are on the game or not!
    22. Emotes - Do you want to look suave at the next village dance? You'll have plenty of dance animations to shake your booty all night!
    23. Personal Profile page - Upload an image and write your own bio!
    24. Razer Hydra Support - Use the new Razer Hydra instead of your mouse and keyboard!
    25. Monsters - There are lots of monsters to battle! Yeti, Razorbacks, Boglins, Dracos, Sazzon, Gargoyles, Orges and more!
    26. Affiliate Program - Become an Affiliate, refer players and make serious money!
    27. Stats and Ranks Info - We all wanna know how we stand against the rest!
    28. TAP-Link - Use this high-tech handheld device to teleport to other worlds, send Taps/IMs to your friends, pull up maps, check on your account and Alliance, check ranks, take and view photos, get help and adjust game settings!
  2. Admin Post

    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    Looks great, Jalen:). Keep us posted on how it does.
  3. Rantzr

    Rantzr Ogre Extraordinaire Ogre Veteran

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    Cannot wait to test it out Jalen! :)

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