Monday, August 10, 2020

Advice and Tips For Gamers Coping With Anxiety

Do you ever get nervous when playing a video game? Anxiety when gaming, especially in large doses, is always a good possibility to experience...

Big Alterverse Giveaway

Big Give Away! - Exclusive to GameOgre users. $60 Value Intro to the Revolutionary World of Blockchain Gaming in the AlterVerse! In an effort to inform...

Blue Ogre Soul Market Giveaway

This code is for three Blue Ogre Souls. Blue Ogre Souls are used to craft a Blue Ogre Ring which gives the player a...


BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp Review

There are some products that you just need if you are going to work on a PC everyday. The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp...

NBA 2K Video Game Review

How to Improve Internal Communication at Your Game Design Company?

In most companies, the well-organized and agreeable communication between co-workers is a crucial ingredient of progress and efficiency. Indeed, if employees can freely contact their colleagues and managers, the risk of...

Nyjah Huston Game – The New Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater?

Modern day superstar skateboarder Nyjah Huston is following in the foot steps of Tony Hawk and has linked his name to a couple of new game releases but in some surprising...

Online Gaming Still Propelling the Gaming Industry

During the pandemic, more and more players used their mobile devices to play games. With the closure of the biggest sports in the USA even players that were not yet fans of mobile...

2019 GameOgre Online Game Awards

The year 2019 represented the end of a decade, but it also felt a little light on the release of online games. Much of the market has been saturated with battle...

Blue Ogre Jail Break Adventure

The ninth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG, Blue Ogre Jail Break, puts players in a position to rescue the big Blue Ogre! This Adventure is for Level 9 Players only. For the most...

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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

A copy of this game on Steam. This game is available in the shop for Ogre Points ( or Ogre Dollars ('s Forum). Bought...

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