Friday, December 8, 2023

Canadian Joysticks: The Rise of MMORPG Games

MMOs and MMORPGs are part of modern pop culture which includes other aspects like music, cinema, and literature. These two aspects of pop culture...

Big Alterverse Giveaway

Big Give Away! - Exclusive to GameOgre users. $60 Value Intro to the Revolutionary World of Blockchain Gaming in the AlterVerse! In an effort to inform...

Blue Ogre Soul Market Giveaway

This code is for three Blue Ogre Souls. Blue Ogre Souls are used to craft a Blue Ogre Ring which gives the player a...


BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp Review

There are some products that you just need if you are going to work on a PC everyday. The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp...

NBA 2K Video Game Review

Video Games and Students’ Academic Performance: Understanding the Impact

In today's digital age, video games have gained immense popularity as a form of entertainment, particularly among students. The widespread availability of technology and internet connectivity has facilitated the proliferation of...

Top Game Rewards and Bonuses for Different Gaming Genres

As technology evolved, so did video games. Did you know that you can earn rewards from them? Whether you are a fan of strategy, first-person shooters or role-playing games, there are...

Pro Tips For a Safe Online Gaming Experience

Playing online games comes with risks due to cyber threats. Don’t worry because there are ways to protect online gaming. Learn to safeguard your identity and your gaming devices. Here are... Online Game Awards 2022

During 2022 we saw a lot of games reach their heyday and few really became as genre-defining as Elden Ring, which really took the Souls-like form and forged it in a...

GameOgre 2021 Game Awards

The year 2021 was hit by the brunt of the pandemic but it still saw the release of many amazing video games so this list was not an easy one to...

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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

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