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Artists Corner

Discussion in 'Gamer Creations' started by Jeebus, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. Jeebus

    Jeebus Banned

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    Would like to see more content added to gameogre by adding a Artists Corner for all gamers wanting banners, signatures for either guilds or games etc...:beatnik2:

    Majority of games do not offer this for their clients, and this would also attract new members to game ogre.:juggle2:

    Artists café

    list of names of Artists that want to help players with signatures, banners etc... Artists information only: No other posts allowed.
    Strict template. Only artists may post here.
    Name of Artist/ Forum Name:
    • Software:
    • Images Creation:

    • Forum Name: Meeko
    • Software: Gimp, Photoshop
    • Image Creation: Signatures, backgrounds, avatars

    SECOND THREAD: For members wanting signatures, avatars, banners etc done.
    Nothing else can be posted here.
    • Forum Name:
    • Image Request:
    Signatures, backgrounds, avatars
    • Image Dimension:
    • Image Colors:
    • Image to be inserted:
    • Text added:
    • Text font: Papyrus font or any font
    • Due by Date:

    • Other:


    • Forum Name: Inoseeu
    • Image Request: Signatures,avatars
    • Text added: The Lion Clan
    • Text font: Papyrus font or any font
    • Image Dimension:200 by 500 - small
    • Image Colors:gold black green
    • Image to be inserted: httplion.imageshopy.com
    • Due by Date:22/12/2010
    • Other: Cn you make the lion sit above the “The Lion Clan†thanks.
  2. GameOgreVideos

    GameOgreVideos Game Ogre YouTube Channel GameOgre Developer

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    We already have an area like this. Its called gamer creations and I have moved your thread here :)
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