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Chaos Online - Pre-Alpha Test Newsletter 1 Gameogre Edition

Discussion in 'Free MMORPG' started by ChaosOnline, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. ChaosOnline

    ChaosOnline Ogre Newling

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    Dear gameogre fans, first of all I would introduce myself. I am GM from Chaos Online, a new sci-fi mmorpg. I would like to introduce our new game to all of you here and thanks for gameogre.com for providing such a wonderful game site.

    Chaos Online is a free to play Sci-Fi MMORPG where modern technology & weaponry confronts with Ancient Myth and Martial Arts. The game is made by the latest 2.5D engine: SancoX, which is specialized in magnificent effects and expansibility. The game is designed by a group of insane game makers, implementing all the impossibilities into the game – For example, you can cast your powerful spell when ridding on a modern motorcycle!

    Before the launch of Alpha Test of Chaos Online, let us take a close preview of this newly released free MMORPG – Chaos Online.

    System Requirement


    As you can see from the video, the skill effects are really extravagant. So maybe some of you will doubt if your pc can handle this game.

    As you can see, most PC’s can handle this game smoothly. Most players call this game a laptop MMO.

    Game Story

    The Chaos Tear, once a beautiful and magical jewel of the Gods, providing resources to the Races (Natarian and Draconian) within the Realm of Chaos. With the Chaos Tear missing, resources became rare and the Races of the Realm fought over the remaining resources. This battle fueled a hatred, which has last for many years.

    The Genotian: explorers of the cosmos driven by the search for knowledge, science and technology; stumbles into a magical time-space tunnel, landing them in the Realm of Chaos. The Genotian, believing that they have superior knowledge and technology, set a goal to conquer this new found land.

    The Draconian and Natarian, realizing that they are no match for the Genotian separately. Decide to unite forces, to fight as one, putting aside years of hatred and anger, to combat this new threat upon their lands.

    With the Realm of Chaos in peril who will emerge victorious? Will the battle continue between the Natarian and Draconian? Will the Genotian overcome this united front? Will the Chaos Tear be found? All this and more are waiting to be explored in the Realm of Chaos!

    Race Introduction

    As you may know from the game story, there are a total of 3 races in the game. Here we will give you some idea about each race.

    Draconian: People of Draconian are descendants of the Dragon and they are stalwart and muscular. The race boasts the patriarchal system beyond which any behavior or idea is regarded as sacrilege. People of Draconian have the belief in themselves that man will conquer nature.

    Natarian: God of Chaos promised the Natarians if they worship him, he will keep the chaos and disaster away from them. People of Natarian are endowed with intelligence and wit. They live in the depth of forests and love the quietness and tranquility of Nature. All people are good-looking and well-mannered.

    Genotian: People of Genotian aspire after knowledge and grasp advanced science and technology. But some extremists in the race attempted to dominate the race with high-tech destructive weapons and they even mobilized robot army and Bionic Creatures.

    Class Introduction

    Before you creating your character, let us get to know the different classes of each race and how to distribute attributes point for each class.


    In Draconian, you can choose to become a warrior, a mage or an archer.

    Warrior: Warriors of Draconian are made with magical power. They leverage the skill named dragon chop to defend the Dragon Origin. Equipped with heavy armor, warriors have surprisingly defensive powers and easily overcome most enemies.

    Mage: Mages use the elements of fire and ice to attack their enemies. They have profound knowledge and inherit mysterious powers of the dragon. With strictly spiritual discipline, they perceived the secrets of magical power.

    Archer: Archers act vigorously and skillfully. They can track enemies and set up traps to entrap their enemies. They are distinguished by tenacious fighting spirit which constitutes the most powerful weapon in battle.



    In Natarian, you can choose to become a warrior, a mage or a hunter.

    Warrior: Warriors always charge headfirst into battle and they are capable of withstanding tremendous attack. Even when they unfasten their armor, they can fend off the forthcoming attacks as well.

    Mage: Mages excel at inflicting massive damage from afar. Under the cover of hunters and warriors, they are even capable of dealing a crushing blow to their enemies.

    Hunter: Hunters are deadly marksmen. They more often than not wear simplified armor and arm themselves with bows and arrows. Given the opportunity, they are able to bring their enemies from a distance with arrows and bows.



    In Genotian, you can choose to become a warrior, a paladin or a gunman.

    Warrior: Warriors possess the most advanced weapons in the world. Especially, they usually stand out in battle with their strong constitutions and dynamic personalities. With their newly developed hatchets, warriors can decrease damage to be taken to the minimum.

    Paladin:Paladins are ideal for teams due to their healing spells. In battle, they can absorb massive blows and heal their wounded teammates. They are even capable of reviving the dead.

    Gunman: Gunmen are adept in long-distance attack and proficient at using guns of all kinds. During the prolonged war, they have exercised extraordinary insight and fortitude.

    Each player has the ability to distribute the character attributes gained from each level. Here are a few helpful tips:

    Warriors - most points should go into strength
    Mages - most points should go into intelligence and vitality
    Paladin - most points should go into intelligence and vitality
    Archers - most points should go into dexterity and vitality
    Gunman - most points should go into dexterity and vitality

    Have fun creating your own method of distribution (Example: distribution all points into vitality and dexterity for a warrior and getting an unexpected results.) You DO NOT need to worry if you distribute the points wrong, because you can easily reset them in game.

    If you have a little bit interest, please visit the official website:
    Chaos Online International - Free to play MMORPG

    We will wait you there:) Have fun!
  2. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    Sounds great i'm definitely going to sign up for beta when you can sign up.
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