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DayZ Creator Dan Hall Shows Depression About The War Z Controversy

Discussion in 'Sandbox Games' started by hack10, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. hack10

    hack10 Ogre Star Ogre Veteran

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    To help you catch up with the whole thing, I should firstly tell you the story: The War Z launched on steam days ago, which was still in beta, although it was not marked as such. A number of features
    was listed on the list, but players later found that those features being listed was actually not in the game. As a rusult, the interwebs went into full torch-and-pitchfork mode. In order to settle down this case, the game's developer wherein the studio who misread information about game features apologized to all players. Now, the game has been removed from the steam.

    But what does Dean Hall, creator of the similarly named ARMA II: Combined Ops mod DayZ, have to say about all of this? Not much, apparently, but in a post on the DayZ subreddit, he revealed that he has "been pretty depressed about the whole situation." He also confides that the entire debacle caused him to "seriously consider" whether he wanted to be involved in the game industry at all. Thankfully for the many DayZ fans, he hasn't thrown in the towel and development on DayZ continues. Whether this is the end of the whole The War Z debacle or just the beginning, however, remains to be seen.

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