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DC Universe Online - Episode 23 Revealed

Discussion in 'Game News' started by Aaddron, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Hello Heroes and Villains! Episode 23 is almost upon us. Let’s start with a brief recap of the ongoing Kryptonian storyline:

    In Episode 22, General Zod and his followers escaped from the Phantom Zone! Lois Lane then tracked his Kryptonian forces to Lex Luthor’s Science Spire in Metropolis, and there discovered what they were after – the secret coordinates to: Brainiac's Bottle Ship!


    New 8-Player Raid: Brainiac’s Bottle Ship

    The story continues in Episode 23's "Brainiac's Bottle Ship." Zod wants those coordinates and he’ll do whatever it takes to get them – including using the Science Spire’s enormous laser on the city of Metropolis. Superman and Lex Luthor are sending teams to get Zod out of the Spire and back under control, and you're up.

    Supergirl is on the way with her own vested interest in the location of the Bottle Ship, so she’ll be by your side as you confront General Zod. Then things get really interesting... but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

    Speaking of intergalactic threats of incredible magnitude...


    New 2-Player Duo: The Will of Darkseid

    The Will of Darkseid is revealed.

    While off-world seeking information about Apokolips, Superman has discovered that the forces of Darkseid are gathering an invasion force on the surface of New Genesis. Parademons are lining up in ranks to invade!

    Superman asks that you help the locals defend their homes while the New Gods of New Genesis are busy elsewhere preparing a counter-attack. Lex Luthor enters the scene for the villains, curious if working with Darkseid is even worth the investment. He will quickly form an opinion.


    It’s the final month of this 3-month cycle, so it’s time to get those Rings, Neck, Weapon, Trinket, and the latest Utility Belt. And of course, new feats, new collection rewards, some REALLY cool new base items, and a new Necklace of Omnipotence in Brainiac’s Bottle Ship.

    Episode 23 will be moving to the test server as early as today, and is planned to launch this April.

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