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Drakensang Closed Beta launched !

Discussion in 'Drakensang Online' started by GameOgreVideos, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. GameOgreVideos

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    After all the hours of hard work, we’re proud to announce this momentous occasion:

    Drakensang Online is opening its doors and taking one giant leap into the Closed Beta.
    Starting today, Dragonknights and Spellweavers will determine the fate of Duria.

    Here’s how to join our Closed Beta:

    1. Sign up for the Closed Beta on our homepage: Drakensang Online | The online fantasy game in your browser » Drakensang Online: The online fantasy game in your browser » Home
    2. Fill out the confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement) as well as the survey. Only those who completely finish the survey will be accepted as testers.
    3. Wait until your account has been activated. We will be granting beta access to sets of accounts regularly. You will receive a confirmation e-mail informing you when your account has been opened.

    Please note: Any players caught breaking the confidentiality agreement will be subject to legal recourse. We therefore ask you, in the interest of all parties involved, to refrain from publishing screenshots, videos, etc.

    Please submit any bugs you find to us via the forum. Only through your help can we quickly achieve maximum game quality.

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