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Episode IV: Godsend

Discussion in 'WYD Global' started by Aaddron, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    Here are the updates to be implemented after our weekly server maintenance on December 9, 2008.


    Refinement System:

    Spirit Stones

    • You can add resistance, HP, mana or critical option on the +9 spirit stone [15AD 15PD]

    • Required items: +9 spirit stone [15AD 15PD] + Choose any 2 of the following items with a refinement level of +9:

    Fire orb(Fire), Ice Orb(Ice), Thunder Orb(Lightning), Holy Orb(Holy), Eye of arger(Fire), Eye of exier(Ice), Eye of Lamu(Lightnin), Holy Eye(Holy), Fire Protector(Fire), Ice Protector(Ice), Thunder Protector(Lightning), Holy Protector(Holy), Justic Ankh(MP), Eternity Ankh(HP), Glory Ankh(Critical)

    For the orbs, the higher the grade of the orb, the higher the chance of the success rate will be

    • User can combine through NPC Ehre in Erion town with three items.

    • Success: Option will be added on.

    • Failure: All items will disappear.


    ※ You cannot combine Spirit stone with other option after you add option
    ※ Maximum effective resistance for each element is 100

    Bless Refining

    • Only celestial character level 40 and above can upgrade through NPC Ehre in Erion town.

    • If they use a refined bless refining +1 or greater, weapons and armors that you are trying to upgrade to +12 or above can no longer break or disappear.

    • Required items : bless refining [1] + sapphire[ 2] + 5,000,000 experience points

    • Success : sapphires will disappear,exp points will be deducted, bless refining will be upgraded +1

    • Failure : sapphires will disappear,exp points will be deducted, bless refining will remain


    ※ Success rate to make bless refining
    150Lv and below : 30%
    151Lv - 160Lv : 35%
    161Lv - 170Lv : 40%
    171Lv - 180Lv : 50%
    181Lv - 190Lv : 70%
    191Lv and above : 100%

    Upgrading earrings to +11

    • Wydians may now upgrade their earrings to +11 by using Laktorerium powders.

    • Lucky powders are not allowed to upgrade earrings more than +9.

    • Earrings will disappear when you fail upgrading.

    Crafting System:

    • New crafting system that enables a hunter to craft jewels and make potions

    • Jewel Crafting is the name of the skill of the hunter that can create items using jewels and consumable items.

    • New Items can be made through crafting system:

    o Wise Jewel
    o Elemental Jewel
    o True Sight Jewel
    o Pot Block Removal Jewel
    o Life Steal Jewel
    o Shield Jewel

    For more information on what items are needed to create a Jewel Kindly click here

    • User can not craft with wrong combination.

    • When user success a jewel will be crafted except recondition jewel.

    • Jewel effects are stackable

    • A single buff icon represents all jewel effects.

    • Every time they use any of the following jewels the duration period will reset to 360 seconds(MAX).

    • When celestial characters change to their sub characters or vice versa, the duration of the jewels will remain.


    ※ Success rate : Basic 10% + trade mastery 10 : increase 1% + (after learn trade 8th skill : Bonus 50%)
    ※ When user fail all items will be disappeared

    Guild Ranking / Fame System:

    Guild Ranking

    • Guild Ranking Page will be made and will be based on guild fame

    Guild Fame

    • Guild fame is needed in order to bid towns

    • Guild fame is affected by Guild War, Channel War, Siege War, Kephra Kill and each members fame

    NPC Hestia in Noatun town is selling ‘Rejection of war letter

    - Only the guild master of the kingdom owner can use. When the guild master uses ‘Rejection of war letter’, the channel war declared on his server will be removed



    • NPC Kingdom Broker removed

    o Guilds that belong to a kingdom may not change their capes anymore

    8th Skill Price Changes:

    • Mortal – 5m

    • God – 10m

    • Celestial / Soul – 50m

    Damage Calculation Change:

    • physical damage : increase damage as dex increases

    • magic damage : increase more damage as int increases

    Max HP Limit:

    • Character’s max HP: 32000 -> 64000.

    Kingdom System:

    • If all guild zones and castle owners’ cape color are same in one channel, their guild members will receive 10% HP bonus.

    ※ The bonus HP can only be experienced on their channel.

    • Based on the number of members of both kingdoms, the kingdom with fewer members will get more damage bonus at a certain gap.

    • Wydians that do not belong on the same kingdom as the kingdom owner, white capers and wydians with no cape will have to pay 5% more tax on a specific channel.

    Kephra Boss Monster

    • There will be some changes of the items that will be drop when WYDians killed Kephra.

    Rune Quest:

    • There will be a specific order of rune quests to be followed

    Characters and Classes:


    Survival Mastery (Bows):

    • Enchant Frost
    • Rapid Hit

    Capture Mastery (Claws):

    • Enchant Poison
    • Weapon Block
    • Total Invisibility

    Fatal Attack, Power Clip, Sneak Attack:

    • Damage Improved

    Trans Knights:

    Charge, Rapid Piercing, Deadly Strike:

    • Damage Improved


    • Made the skill penalty to decrease caster’s HP instead of defense.


    Mana Control

    • Changed to Mana Shield
    • Self-cast mage spell that shields the caster from all damage.
    • When this shield is up, physical and magical damage will be absorbed at the cost of 1 mana per point of damage.


    • Flash visual effect changed to black instead of white

    Beast Master:

    Shield of Thorns

    • Rate of return damage effect improved.


    ♦ Duel Letter

    Duel Letter Normal:

    Drop Rate of Naiads from the boss monster is increased by 100%

    Duel Letter Mystic:

    Wydians can possibly get the following items from the boss monster:

    - Spirit Stone AD 10
    - Spirit Stone PD 10
    - Spirit Stone AD 15 PD 15
    - Spirit Stone AD 15
    - Spirit Stone PD 15

    ♦ Medicinal Herb

    - Cures poison and frozen status

    ♦ New Items in Nell

    - Secret Stones

    - Sell Jewel Package

    o Power Jewel

    Increase character’s Attack damage 5% and HP 7%.

    o Cargo Jewel

    Can use cargo in the field.

    o Accuracy Jewel

    Increase character’s accuracy rate.

    - Griffin Essence

    - Holiday Boxes

    - Silver Wyden back on Nell

    - Duel Letter Mystic

    - Nightmare Mystic

    o Can be use by Mortal up to Celestial Level 120

    ♦ Experience Box

    - It will be removed from BIG SALE section!

    - Price down to 2,000 WYD Coins

    ♦ Nightmare’s Letter

    - This can be used by a Celestial Character to enter the Nightmare zone for 24 times. You may re-use it after 20 hours from the last time of usage.


    Due to some changes and updates on our Episode IV: Godsend patch, we would like to inform everyone that we will be helping all the Wydians to easily reset their status points.

    Players may now reset their status points by giving [2] two Oriharukon powders to NPC Reset Stat in Armia Town near Gold Dragon.

    This NPC will only last for 1 week from December 9 - December 15, 2008


    Kindly send your new CS accounts password to [email protected] so we can change their passwords and release it as soon as possible.

    Here is a sample of the CS Weekly Report Format will be:

    Name: CS MissWorld
    Week: 09 - 15 december (Tuesdays – Mondays)
    BLOG ENTRY for the week: www.somethingthatirlydunknow.something.com/yeah
    FEEDBACKS you receive from the players: They want free beer
    Some Screenshots:

    A statement of about happened during the week:
    i walked around then i scammed one guy, then i ksed another then i cursed gm and after i answered a question for one guy and called him a NOOB!

    if someone need add some notes, can write in the end...
    by -JuNKa182

    And will be posted under Community Scouts / SCOUT REPORTS section in our FORUM

    For more information about the EVENTS kindly click here

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