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[Exclusive]Non-targeting Action RaiderZ to Unveil Its Unique Features

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by hack10, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. hack10

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    Reinterpreting the MMORPG into action game! RaiderZ, a project from MAIET entertainment - the Developers of GunZ the Duel, has ended its second closed beta test in Korea. In the last report, we have introduced the background of RaiderZ to readers. To help you know the game more, we will unveiled the game's key feature as follows.

    Battle Armed with Extreme Action
    All the battle actions such as attacking or evading happen by the player directly and in real time at MMORPG environment. Such features like "Random" or "Auto Play" are practically excluded from the game. Our ultimate goal is to create a dynamic and highly intensive battle.

    On the basic game screen, the mouse curser is not displayed and movements such as block or evade are only possible under direct control of the player.

    Such style of game is not unusual on action genre but RaiderZ is an MMORPG game which can support hundreds of players in one field and that make it very unique game. In other words, RaiderZ is different from other action games which only support few party members to play in an instant dungeon.

    The size of one field is approx 1 km by 1 km and there will be 26 of these field released for the open beta test.

    Epic Monster Raid
    The highlight of RaiderZ battle system is demonstrated on the battle with the boss monsters called "Epic Monsters". There are approximately 16 different epic monsters that player can fight against until the player reaches level 20 and most of them have distinctive graphics and except for just one monster, the graphics are almost never reused.

    The battles with the Epic Monsters occur not just in the instant field but also at the open field and players can show their battle to the others and also can see other player's battle. Also one can intervene to assist other player's battle to help on their hunt.

    Most importantly, the Epic Monster raid is not made for the end-content of the game. The player can encounter different epic monsters from very early stage of the game and they can meet various monsters with unique looks and behavior patterns and highly developed AI.

    The promotion movie mostly focused on the Epic Monsters and we have received many questions about if these monsters are the only monster types in the game. There are many other different unique monsters that lade the world or RaiderZ.

    Unique Character System
    In RaiderZ there is no such thing as "class" and basically all the character can use any weapon or armor.

    The user doesn't have to consider or study the skills the character will needs to learn in the future at the point of creating the character, and the user can decide what the character can do depends on his or her play style or taste.

    This is, so to speak, "removing the concept of class system" but "creating a class of own" that allows the game to be more diverse depending on the player's characteristic.

    Based on Open Beta Test, we will support approximately 350 different talents (similar as skills from other games) and the players can learn up to 50 talents (one can learn one talent per level up), so the character's ability solemnly depends on the user's choice.

    Artisan System
    The monsters in RaiderZ don't drop complete equipments or weapons. There are some monsters that may drop fully made Equipments like Liviute from 'Catacomb of Damed', but usually they only drop the raw materials to produce the items.

    In other hands, there is no Trade Skills. In fact we did have made the Trade Skills but decided to remove it from RaiderZ in order to emphasize on Artisan system and focus on it.

    One can only create a finished item through NPC and this is what we call "Artisan" system. There are hundreds of Artisans all over the world of RaiderZ. They all have items that they specialize so the players will want meet more Artisans in order to make the items that they want.

    The Artisans can provide to the players Recipes that contain information or required materials of each different items and can create them for you if you have all the materials for it.

    But the Artisans are not boring NPCs that are standing on the middle of the map on their own. Some Artisans only produce the items when the player finishes certain quest. And some Artisans only appear under certain condition, for example there is an Artisan that only appears on rainy evening and disappears on dawn.

    There are even some artisans that only appear inside dungeons so the player need to clear that dungeon in order to meet those artisans.

    And also the players need to raise faction in order for the Artisans to make you an item.

    We have designed with careful consideration so the production of each item can be your adventure.
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