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Gabe Said So (Again) Summer Sale

Discussion in 'Smite' started by LosmiK, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. LosmiK

    LosmiK Mr. LosmiK Ogre Veteran

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    Gabe Said So (Again) Summer Sale


    From today till Sunday June 28th, Gabe's slashing the prices on everything in the SMITE store! This sale is so hot, it's steam-y.

    Get ready to Chell out these gems because all items* are 25% off on both PC and Xbox! Skins, Gods, voice packs, and more!

    On top of that, we're resurrecting old legacy chests all week and doubling log-in bonuses.

    But we're not done yet! You can earn 10 gems for each First Win of the Day from Wednesday (06/24) through Sunday(06/28). That means you could earn up to 80 gems a day by playing every game mode!

    *Summer of SMITE and Season Ticket are not included in the sale.


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