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Games you wish to play?

Discussion in 'Gaming PC' started by davke00, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. RaphHarris

    RaphHarris BamBam

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    Yeah, I've heard a lot of nice things about Code Vein as well.

    By the way, just in case anyone’s interested, my contact is selling a Tonneau cover for trucks. If anyone’s interested, feel free to PM me.
  2. Snowy

    Snowy Ogre Hall of Fame Royal Ogre
    1. Minecraft Community

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    I feel like I have the opportunity to play most games today, so the games that I would wish to play would be in their own categories (e.g. games that are now shut down, games that were sold in limited quantity, maybe games that were good during certain phases / early developments / Betas of a game, games that are hard to find in stores (and don't exist in a digital format), games that can still be played as single player but online play is no longer supported, etc.).

    Games that are now shut down: Probably old childhood games like Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Club Penguin, Toontown Grand Chase, and other old games. Other than those, I'd probably say a good number of outdated Flash games since those were quite fun to play on the web.
    Games sold in limited quantity: Not sure since I generally play games that are somewhat popular. Maybe some older cartridge games, but I don't think they stand out today compared to modern games.
    Games that were good during certain phases / Betas: Also hard to know, since "what's good" is more of a personal taste. I think for any game that I've invested in for a long time, it would have been nice to play the earliest phase. Kind of wish I played Minecraft Alpha when it first came out, for instance, but it's not like I'm missing much.
    Games that are hard to find in stores today: I think a lot of games that were exclusive to one region fit this category, especially since there aren't official English translations. Games like the long-anticipated Mother 3, for instance.
    Games that can still be played as single player but online play is no longer supported: I feel like this one's more dependent on the publisher. The biggest ones I can think of are a good number of DS and DSi games since Nintendo has shut down online service.
  3. Sepherus96

    Sepherus96 Big Brute New Ogre

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    the game i wish to play is demon souls

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