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Giveaway Rules

Discussion in 'Forum and Site Support' started by ogreman, Aug 6, 2019.

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    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    We did not seem to have this in the Support forum so here we are:). Everybody who wants a code from a Giveaway needs to be aware of the following:

    What to do

    1. Simply post once in the giveaway thread and then wait for your code to be delivered to you via PM. For some Giveaways you will need at 15 posts before posting in a giveaway.

    What not to do

    1. Post repeatedly for the same code.
    2. Ask a question in the Giveaway thread. That should be done by PM only. It is not a discussion thread.
    3. Repeatedly bug the staff via PM, post, or chat after requesting a code.
    4. Go into chat and just sit their and wait for a code.
    5. Using chat to talk about the codes. This can get you banned from chat.
    6. Do not use multiple accounts to get multiple codes. This brings in the big club!
    7. Try to get more than one code in the same giveaway.

    More like a pet peeve than an official one, but continually lurking without posting when I am online and swamped will not exactly help lol.

    The bottom line is to just ask for the code and you will get it:). You should receive an email from the PM here when that happens.
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