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Good, relatively cheap indie games

Discussion in 'Indie Games' started by Leviathan39, May 4, 2014.

  1. Leviathan39

    Leviathan39 Brute New Ogre

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    Hello guys,I wanted to recommend you a few relatively cheap,and yet pretty good indie games.

    -The Binding of Isaac $4.99 on Steam. One of the best indie games I've ver played. A must have.
    -Gunpoint,currently $9.99 on Steam. Great stealth/action/puzzle game.
    -Dungeons of Dredmor,currently $3.99 on Steam. It is so worth it,great rogue-like game.
    -Hotline Miami,currently $8.49 on Steam. It is one of my favourite indie games.
    -Space Pirates and Zombies,currently $9.99 on Steam. The title says it all,space pirates and zombies. What's there not to like?
    -Super Hexagon,it is super cheap $2.99 on Steam.
    -Aquaria,$9.99 on Steam. This one is very much worth it. Beautiful game,full of explorations,lost civilizations etc.. Great game!
    -Machinarium,$9.99 on Steam. Great puzzle game
    -Awesomenauts $9.99 on Steam. Awesome MOBA,it's like a simple version of LoL.
    -Fez,also $9.99..Nice 2D platformer...
    -Limbo,$9.99 is a very nice,fun 2D puzzle/platformer...
    -Papers, Please,also $9.99...So much fun

    Also be sure to often check humblebundle.com,as they always have some nice games on sale. :)
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