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gPotato to Launch Luna Online

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by ogreman, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Gala Net, Inc. to Publish Luna Online, an MMORPG, in Spring 2009

    [Sunnyvale, CA—February 4th, 2009] – Gala-Net’s will be publishing Luna Online this spring through its game portal Free gPotato Game Portal to the North American market.
    Luna Online, is a free to play Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with an innovative take on its genre. The game was developed with a spotlight on the community within the game and provides extensive social systems for players to connect and meet other players. Luna Online’s focus is on its Family System, Matchmaking System and its Guilds Alliances System. All three systems are set in place to connect players from all over the world together. The Matchmaking System pairs up players with complementary characteristics in which both players mutually beneficial. For example, a player with a strong attack and weak defense can be paired up with a player with a weak attack and a strong defense. Players are also awarded with additional powers after each match, making each matchmaking session unique. Matched Players can also start families of up to 5, with Luna Online’s Family System. The Family System allows players to band together to create and run a Farm. The Farm allows the Family to grow and cultivate items for crafting exclusive items including vehicles, weapons, and equipment. The innovative Guild and Guild Alliance Systems add even more layers of interaction, allowing Guild vs. Guild, and Alliance vs. Alliance battles allowing each opponent to wager items cash or even experience.
    The combination of Luna Online’s exciting blend of social community, great graphics, and cute character design sets it apart from other MMORPGs in its genre.
    “I’m excited to see how the North American market reacts to Luna Online, the extent of our unique social features has the potential to make lasting significant connections among all our players. This game is a perfect fit for our game portal. Luna's social features help bring gamers together as a community, which is one of our main goals for the gPotato online game community.â€-Elliott Coward, Producer of Luna Online
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