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Greed Knights

Discussion in 'Indie Games' started by PocketRogues, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. PocketRogues

    PocketRogues MMORPGer

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    Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game - Greed Knights :)
    Greed Knights on Steam

    About this game
    There is no Story! Similar games are : Swag and Sorcery, Weapon Shop Fantasy, Pixel Shopkeeper, Soda Dungeon.

    This game was heavily inspired by Weapon Shop Fantasy!

    And I insist they are complete different games!


    Greed Knights is a game where your main focus is to grind for weapons and talent points so you can advance in the dungeons.
    this game works like most of my previous games. It contains automatic battles and your main focus is to train your champion and see him grow.
    like Knights and Dungeons, this game isn't endless gold max value is 1e999999999 and you will eventually reach it by your 3d day of playing.




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