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Recruit a Friend to the Nexus

Discussion in 'Heroes of the Storm' started by axwellshm, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. axwellshm

    axwellshm Ogre Extraordinaire The Pit

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    Even the mightiest Heroes know that it’s foolish to stand alone while battling in the Nexus. Rally your friends and fight side-by-side for glory, honor, and some epic rewards!

    To help get you started, and to celebrate the launch of Recruit a Friend, there will also be a 50% bonus XP week from Dec 8 - 16 in all regions. Read below for details, and we will see you in the Nexus!

    • Recruits can earn rewards by simply playing Heroes of the Storm and leveling-up.
      • Raynor & 5 Day Stimpack – Unlocked upon logging into Heroes after becoming a Recruit
      • Sylvanas & Recruit A Friend Portrait – Unlocked by reaching player level 10
    • Recruiters will also earn rewards when their Recruits level-up.
      • Recruit A Friend Portrait – Unlocked when at least one Recruit reaches player level 10
      • Vulture Mount – Unlocked when at least four Recruits reach player level 10
    • Every player will receive their own unique Recruit a Friend link.
      • Find your unique link by opening the new Recruit a Friend panel, which can be accessed by clicking the Recruit a Friend button that has been added to the bottom of the Friends List in-game or on the Recruit a Friend site.
      • Copy your link and share it with friends who are new to Heroes of the Storm.
      • Friends who follow your link and log in with their Battle.net accounts will become your Recruits.
        • If your friend does not already have a Battle.net account, they can create one from the site.
        • If desired, recruits are able to change their recruiter up until they reach player level 5.
    • All level and reward progress for recruiters and recruits can be tracked from within the game by accessing the Recruit a Friend button found at the bottom of the Friends List.
    • Please note: While the Recruit a Friend website is currently live for all players, you will be unable to use the in-game features until the patch has been released in your region. Any recruiting done through the Recruit a Friend site during this time will still apply to your account and will be viewable in the client after the patch goes live in your region.

    As part of our celebration for the new Recruit a Friend program, we’re excited to announce that the 50% discount on all Heroes, Mounts, and Skins that arrived with our Black Friday Sale –including the 360 Day Stimpack– will remain in place through the end of the year! What’s more, any brand new items released during this time will also be available at 50% off their normal real-money prices. Happy Holidays!

    There’s never been a better time to introduce your friends to the Nexus. Find out about other exciting new changes by reading our most recent Patch Notes.
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  2. P0WER

    P0WER Big Brute New Ogre

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    i made 4 accounts 2 do this lol waht a grind

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