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Rusty Hearts Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Thedarkboy, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Thedarkboy

    Thedarkboy Anime Geek Ogre Veteran

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    Get ready for a Thanksgiving themed scavenger hunt to scour the rich world of Bramunez ! Synchroze will need specific items to help him build a cornucopia of goodies for a feast on Thanksgiving.

    All participants will be asked to purchase, craft, and earn items, then quickly return them to him for prizes!

    We aren’t just giving away prizes here, you have to earn it. Be the first to retrieve the specified item and Synchroze will make sure you get what you deserve.


    The Scavenger hunt will be held on each server at separate times on November 20. See the full listing below:

    West Server: 4pm PST/ 7pm Eastern/11pm GMT +0
    East Server: 3pm PST/ 6pm Eastern/ 10pm GMT +0
    EU Server: 2pm PST/ 5pm Eastern / 9pm GMT +0


    CM Synchroze will be in the Shopping District on CH 1

    Be sure to join me and the hordes of Rusty Hearts fans in the most intense in-game scavenger hunt event ever!
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