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Selling / Buying

Discussion in 'WYD Global' started by BlackFoe, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. BlackFoe

    BlackFoe Ogre Newling

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    Mithril Robe Boots (Le) +4 - 24dmg 12smi

    Mithril Robe Gloves (Le) +6 - 24dmg 30def

    Mithril Robe Pants (Le) +5 - 50def 4.5crit
    Mithril Robe Pants (Le) +2 - 45def 4.5crit
    Mithril Robe Pants (Le) +2 - 30def 4.5crit 6map
    Mithril Robe Pants (Le) +5 - 24dmg 25def 4.5crit
    Mithril Robe Pants (Le) +1 - 24dmg 6crit
    Mithril Robe Pants (Le) +1 - 24dmg 30def 4.5crit

    Gold Curve Web Brace (Le) +5 - 15smi 30def

    Gold Curve Web Cap (Le) +0 - 20def 12map


    Buy Mithril Le 10/30, any part except boots and any +

    Buy Guardian Scale Armors (Foema God Set) 10map 30def, any part except boots, any +

    Buy 10/30 Extract any part

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