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Sequence of Shadows

Discussion in 'Smite' started by LosmiK, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. LosmiK

    LosmiK Mr. LosmiK Ogre Veteran

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    Sequence of Shadows


    [0:00] Another day in this particular Mayan region. How I despise this place. Well, at least it’s far less retching than that Roman arena. With the dense fog and thick jungles, privacy might actually be possible here.

    [0:10] I have Hel, Bakasura and Medusa as my supposed ‘comrades’. Can’t complain much. Even though I wouldn’t normally associate myself with them, or anyone for that matter, they are better company than most. I highly doubt I would be on the receiving end of complaints from these loners. Hope this finishes sooner rather than later. I was in the middle of a very fine book.

    [1:12] Luck is on my side today. The harpies did not give as much of a fight as they normally would. Must be this awful weather brewing. I don’t feel like giving much of a fight either. In my lane, I find myself pitted against Ra and ughh…Thor. Perhaps I spoke too soon regarding my luck.


    [6:43] Nothing much has happened so far. I group up the little vermins with my decoy and my dear daughter clears them up for me. She deserves a better residence than the wretched realm of Hell. Sometimes, I wish I was a better father.

    [9:25] Ra is rather low on Health. How absurd of him not to return to his base. A quick backstab and Ra is out for the time being. I vanish and decide to make myself scarce before my fool of a brother decides to remove me from the picture as well. I take the scenic, albeit longer, route through the Jungle as I make my way back to base.

    [12:11] Our Siege Juggernaut has arrived. I wonder who decided to forcefully ‘tame’ these wild beasts. Poor creatures. But I guess that’s just the way it has to be. Those in control are allowed to run amok and put their power on display while these so-called ‘unworthy’ beasts are cast aside or put to use for the gain of these gods. How barbaric.


    [14:54] With the aid of the majestic beast, we take down the tower on the left. It left us just as the tower was destroyed. Just before the light went out of its eyes, my dear daughter decided to make an appearance for the creature’s passing. We proceed to get our vengeance by wiping the enemy out completely. I vanish and start the killing process with my daggers, allowing their bleeding to make them giddy. We ignore the little ones. My decoy is more than capable of handling them. Medusa’s gaze turns Ra and Apollo to stone, immediately taking them out. Ymir is left with a fraction of health as he very slowly tries to escape our clutches. The combination of Hel’s Hinder and Bakasura’s little minion army makes all forms of escape quite nearly impossible. Ymir falls.

    [16:30] We chase Thor through the jungle. I can’t recall how he became this sneaky and slippery, teleporting with Mjolnir and erecting walls in our faces. I simply cannot believe that the people back home have the decency to call me the Trickster God when their future king here is far trickier than me. I spot him at the edge of the Speed camp, ready to escape with this move he calls ‘Anvil of Dawn’ back home. I chuckle everytime he proudly exclaims this ‘move’ of his out loud. His stupidity is even more obvious than I thought was possible. I vanish and made an incision in his back, now trickling with blood.

    [17:00] We get a Deicide.


    [19:59] One tower remains. We decide to leave the Wild Juggernaut alone. This was not its fight and it had no business in our proceedings. We were all rather low on Health. My team decides to leave for base just after completing the buff camps. It was not to be for half of the team. My brother and Apollo decide to ‘drop in’, killing Medusa and I. I take in the beauty of nature from the eyes of my daughter as I wait to respawn.

    [22:35] Why do these minions follow me? No reward awaits them, even if they do somehow manage to kill me. They deserve their own freedom and to be treated with respect instead of being almost irrelevant at this point of time. Maybe I should stop calling them ‘vermin’. Putting in a reminder to have a word with the leader of these vermin.

    [35:05] Another teamfight breaks out. Ymir’s actions tells me that he isn’t in the fighting mood either. There could be two reasons for this: 1. We had mutual respect for each other or 2. This blistering heat must be getting to him. I imagine it must be a lot worse for him, being made up of ice and all. Unfortunately, the other three give everything they have. Ymir and Medusa are dead.

    [37:15] Bakasura throws out his minion army again and together, we take down Apollo and Thor. Father should see us now. It is clear that I was always a better tactician for war. Unlike my brother who prefers to appear out of nowhere in the thick of things, I resort to tactics such as creating diversions and using stealth as a mode of travel. With his arrogance, it’s a wonder he still able to wield Mjolnir.


    [40:00] Ra’s healing is too much for us to handle. We let him retreat as we removed their Phoenix from existence. It’s a good thing these birds are able to rise again from their ashes or I would have faced a difficult time killing them.

    [41:40] We proceed to their Titan. With a heavy heart, I give the killing blow on it. It explodes all around us. I’m sorry, Titan.

    [42:00] Another day has come and gone. I hope I don’t get called upon so soon. All this killing makes me feel uneasy. I don’t kill, I play tricks. Even that has gotten exceedingly mundane. Back to the book then. Which page was I on again?

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