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Spirit of Summer

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by Aaddron, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    Stuck on a different plane, parallel to the Wilderness, itself a long walk from any RuneScape city or town, one family has gone a long time without even seeing a human being. That doesn't mean they don't need your help, however, as the time has come to leave the homestead and move to pastures new.

    This magical story calls for you to befriend a loving family, find some essentials for their journey and reunite the daughter with some misplaced possessions. You'll be able to explore a previously unexplored realm and even take a glimpse into the imagination of a little girl.

    Needless to say, some hurdles will need overcoming if you and the family are to reach the destination and claim your reward. Some family members are less than communicative with outsiders and their only neighbour is understandably unhappy about them leaving. It shouldn't be a problem for an adventurer with your experience...right?

    Where to start Spirit of Summer:

    Seek out the young girl outside of the ruins, east of Bounty Hunter and north of Varrock.
    Requirements to complete Spirit of Summer:

    Level 40 Construction
    Level 26 Farming
    Level 35 Prayer
    Level 19 Summoning
    The Restless Ghost
    Ability to survive in the Wilderness
    Access to:

    A new realm for you to explore
    New areas for Combat and Woodcutting
Thread Status:
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