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Talisman Online Charm Bonus Guide

Discussion in 'Mira Game' started by ogreman, May 10, 2012.

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    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    Register TO Account and Get Charm Points

    Talisman Online Official Site: Talisman Online

    Dear players,

    All players will find that you have already got a certain amount of free C-Points in your Charm Bonus page. How to recharge these free C-Points to your game account and use it in Charm Shop? This guide will show you the flow.

    Step 1: Enter Charm Bonus webpage through link: Talisman Online

    Step 2: Login this webpage with your game account and password.

    Step 3: Then “My Charm Bonus†page will open. The upper part of the page shows your achievements, while the lower part shows kinds of ways that you can gain C-Points. If you have rest C-Points to recharge, click Claim button to recharge it.

    Choose a section. All the rest C-Points will be recharged in this selected section under this account.

    Confirm the information to finish recharge.

    Step 4: Open TO game client and enter game. Find a panda-looking NPC “Charm Shopâ€.

    Step 5: Talk to this NPC and open Charm Shop interface. Your C-Points is shown on the top left corner of Charm Shop interface. Use it to buy your favorites!

    Now recharge your CP into in-game account!

    Charm Bonus webpage: Talisman Online

    TO Operation Team

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