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The Computec Browser and Social Games Competition

Discussion in 'Online Game Development' started by GameOgreVideos, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Computec Media Launches "Make the Game" Developer Competition

    "Make the Game? - a competition by Computec Media - is THE chance for game developers to present their browser/social games to millions of gamers and to win a lucrative publishing contract including cash up front and a large advertising budget. Computec Media will invest up to a total of one million euros for the best games. A five-member jury of experts will pick the winners at the gamescom trade fair in August 2011.

    Free browser & social games are becoming increasingly popular and are turning computer games into a mass medium: All users need is a PC with Internet access and a standard Web browser to play. These games appeal to both casual players and an increasing number of core gamers, which means that the browser games segment will grow much faster in the next few years than the classic computer and video games market.

    Key factors that make a game successful are first and foremost the quality of the product and - just as important in a highly saturated market - a massive advertising campaign to get the word out to the target audience. Computec Media focuses on these two factors in their "Make the Game? competition.

    The distinguished experts in the five-member jury will ensure the quality of the winning games they pick at gamescom 2011: Hannes Beuck, CEO of Playa Games (Shakes & Fidget, Bloodgame), Tom Putzki, instructor at Games Academy, founder of Piranha Bytes (Gothic) and co-founder of Phenomedia AG (Moorhuhn), Petra Fröhlich (Editor in chief at PC Games), Florian Stangl (Editor in chief at Online Computec Media) and Hans Ippisch (Managing Director at Computec Media) will use their many years of experience in the games industry to choose the winners.

    An extensive print and online advertising campaign from Computec Media AG will guarantee that the winning games are presented to the largest possible audience. With over 600,000 magazines* sold every month (among these PC Games, play³ and Games Aktuell) and a total of more than six million unique users** on Computec Web sites (buffed.de, videogameszone.de, etc.) the company based in Fürth, Germany is the leading publisher in the games industry making it the ideal media partner for speaking directly to millions of gamers.

    "There are more than 20,000 browser games on the Web - but very few of these become a success because most games never even reach their target audience,? says Hans Ippisch, Managing Director at Computec Media. "We want to provide a unique platform for the innovative developer scene in Germany with our "Make the Game? competition so that developers can present their products to millions of gamers. With the distinguished jury's expertise and the large-scale advertising of the winning games in our far-reaching games magazines and on our Web sites the "Make the Game? competition is sure to become a synonym for successful browser games.?

    Computec Media will invest up to one million euros and conclude individual publishing contracts for global marketing rights with the developers of the winning games (a maximum of five). A total of up to 250,000 euros will be paid in cash as a non-refundable advance royalty payment. Another amount of up to 750,000 euros will be available for advertising to promote the winning games.

    Interested developers can register until April 15, 2011 and get more information about the documentation they will need to provide to take part in the competition at Make the Game. The games must be completed by June 30, 2011. The winners selected by the jury will be announced at the gamescom 2011 trade fair in Cologne. The publishing of the games in cooperation with a renowned publisher is scheduled for September 2011.

    Find out more at Make the Game.
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