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Theta Warriors Online Interview with Gameogre

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    Gameogre had the chance to talk with Xavier from Enigma Games about their exciting MMORTS game Theta Warriors.

    Gameogre: Theta Warriors Online is Enigma Games Inc.’s latest online strategy MMORPG. Can you tell us more about T.W.O.?

    Enigma Games: Theta Warriors Online is all about teamwork, strategy, and PvP within a 3-way war between Empires. The best tactical gamers from Myspace, Facebook, and the anti-socials is the major conflict that is being resolved right now.

    Gameogre:The story behind T.W.O. is that players will create and control Thetas in order to defeat the Warlords. Can you tell us more about the four types of Thetas and their specialties?

    Enigma Games:There are four types of damage you can specialize in: Ballistics, Lasers, Missiles, and Electronics. Each Theta is highly configurable which add-on modules that give abilities like repairing, boosting, defending, and impairing.

    You can only have four Thetas per team which brings the challenge of building different team combinations to counter your opponents.

    Gameogre:T.W.O. is available to Facebook and MySpace users as a social gaming application. Can you tell us more about how T.W.O. will work on these social platforms?

    Enigma Games:Players that sign up using the social sites will be able to invite their friends easily to build a stronger pool of Thetas to choose for their teams. Achievements, like defeating giant Bosses for example, can be published on the profile pages for the world to see.

    Gameogre:What are some special features users can expect in Theta Warriors Online?

    Enigma Games:One major feature is the depth of configuration options for each Theta. There are litterally thousands of combinations which means every Theta will be unique.

    The 3-way war features tactical multiplayer options such as invading enemy zones, building special structures for bonuses, and daily roles that are earned through PvP victories. These roles include: War General, Nuclear Commander, and Scout. Being assigned one of these roles comes with great responsibility as the entire Empire is then depending on your leadership.

    Gameogre:How does the market and currency system work in T.W.O?

    Enigma Games:The main currency in the game is Krons. With Krons, you can buy armor and weapons used to upgrade your Theta. Crystals are the currency used to purchase special items and can be exchanged for Krons.

    Gameogre:Can you describe what the combat is like in T.W.O.? What are some features that are appealing to players?

    Enigma Games:Theta Warriors features a turn based combat system using the Wargod Engine. The Empire War is an ongoing battle between the three empires where 25 of the top players are drafted each night to do battle.

    For players who don't enjoy PvP, Theta Warriors offers a rich story driven mission system with boss battles and a wide variety of enemies such as tanks, planes, turrets, etc.

    Gameogre:How do players primarily interact with each other during gameplay?

    Enigma Games:Communication is available in the lounge where players from all three empires can interact. The game features a mail system for private messages and a chat room for each empire.

    Gameogre:How will T.W.O. stand up against competitors that already have a big hand in the social gaming application market, like Zynga?

    Enigma Games:Theta Warriors Online serve a different purpose than Zynga games. Instead of attracting millions of players that only play for a few days, we are attracting long term strategic gamers that want to immerse themselves into a game that will last for years with depth and rewarding victories.

    Gameogre:T.W.O is free to play. Does this mean you offer a Cash Shop to your players and if so what can they expect to find there?

    Enigma Games:Players can use cash to purchase Crystals which can be used to gain slight advantages and unlock extras in the game. The gap between those that buy Crystals will remain small to ensure that great strategy rather than deep pockets will triumph in the end.

    Gameogre:With the games continued success, what do you see in T.W.O.’s near future? Are there plans for a trading card Game or a mobile version?

    Enigma Games:We will continue to expand the footprint of the game with new features and layers of depth. A mobile application to monitor the status of the 3-way war is in the works as well as a 3D client.

    Gameogre:Is there anything else you would like for our community to know about Theta Warriors Online?

    Enigma Games:The war is starting to heat up between the empires so if you are a strategy lover with a destructive side, this is a game that is catered to you. The community is very active and our development team is always in the lounge talking and joking with the players.

    Theta Warriors will continue to grow and evolve so this is a chance to get in early and grow with the game... and we have nukes!
  2. Drama

    Drama Clubbed with The Big Club

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    :( damn. I dont really like teamwork...pvp is definitely a no to me =/ "all about" it too =/ damn
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