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War Of Immortals - New Player Intro ID - Independence Faction Recruitment - Eastern -

Discussion in 'Free MMORPG' started by Malevolentality, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Malevolentality

    Malevolentality Malevolentality

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    If you're a new player joining War of Immortals, in character creation use a introduction ID, it works for the Midgard Eastern server.

    For New Players: Introduction ID for Midgard (Eastern) Server: 3180131G020000057006560Sffb1ff

    Enter that introduction ID in character creation window on the bottom right.

    Also, i am the leader of a Faction on there called Independence, we have 5 clans total and we're always recruiting, from new to experienced players. Starting at level 45+ so once you reach 45 please contact me in game or apply to us.

    My character name in Game is: Knyte

    We're all about helping each other and working together, we only like recruiting mature and active players who have no problems with getting help or helping others. It's not a requirement but it's strongly encouraged. We're all in to have fun.

    So please hit me up if interested if you wanna join... Also use that ID. Good luck and have fun in that game.

    Cya! :cool:
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  2. dj messi

    dj messi Spiked Club Ogre Regular

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    User name is:Bubsy27

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