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War of the Immortals Ranger Class Trailer and Pet Mechanics

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by GameOgreVideos, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    This week’s highlight focuses on the importance of the Pet Mechanics in War of the Immortals.

    Pets play a vital role in the war that rages within Motenia. Pets that are acquired, serve their masters forever, and will protect and assist them in combat. They are trained and powerful creatures that are lethal in many aspects. Each pet can be taught combat skills, fuse with their masters, upgraded with the souls of monsters, and be melded to create a new pet!


    Fusing with your pet is a powerful way to increase your stats and allow you to utilize the strengths of your pets. When you are fused with a pet you will be able to summon a second pet to assist you in combat. Active Pet Fusion grants the player stat bonuses that correspond respectively with the Pet’s stats. Once you are fused with a pet you will not be able to summon it into combat, but other pets that you carry will be.


    The Pet Focus system is a powerful way to upgrade your pets by using the souls of monsters within the game. Now you can dramatically upgrade your pet’s stats and strengthen their abilities just by killing monsters in the game. This new system will make every pet unique from others of the same type.


    Melding pets is a feature that allows you to create better versions of the pet that you currently own. This is a pet refining system that will allow the players who are melding their pets together to receive a pet that is considerably better than the one they are using to meld with.


    The pet rebirth process allows the player to modify the quality of their pet. This is also a part of the pet refining system that helps each pet owner generate a pet that is better than the one they originally obtain.

    Take advantage of the Closed Beta and learn the mechanics of the Pet System. Utilize these key features to gain a tactical advantage and you’ll have the upper hand in every fight you encounter!
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