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WYD Global Ushers in the Easter Season

Discussion in 'WYD Global' started by Kyuubey, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Hi everyone! Here’s the WYD Global Press Release for Easter April! Get ready for some exciting events in store for you

    WYD Global introduces exciting in-game events to celebrate ​

    LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2012 – T3fun today announced WYD Global’s event lineup for the month of April. This month of Easter, WYD Global will be giving away attractive prizes to celebrate this joyous month. Awesome mounts, premium items and enhancement materials are just some of the desirable prizes that await the players!

    Easter Teaser – Going with the tradition of the Easter egg hunt, there will be eggs placed inside Mount Boxes hidden in Charity Box 3 alongside the normal mount essences. In addition, players can get them from random mini-games lovingly prepared by the Carbuncle, Easter Bunny. Even better, those who hunt more boxes can increase their chances of winning the mount they’ve always wanted.

    Red VS Blue: Guts and Glory – Continuing the popular Kingdom War events of past, WYD Global is holding another Red VS Blue PVP event between the kingdoms of Akeronia and Hekalotia. This time, not only will members of the said kingdoms be able to take part in this epic battle, but even those with no allegiance can participate and win great prizes by registering their accounts and predicting which of the two kingdoms will prevail in their titanic clash. To join this, players will be requested to risk certain items they currently possess, making the game even more exciting and heart pounding. Those who correctly guess the winner will receive valuable enhancement or premium items depending on the items they risked to join. The risk is great, but the rewards are even sweeter!

    With its continued success and overwhelming support worldwide, WYD Global gives back to the community with even more exciting events. These April events will surely bring the Easter spirit to all players!

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