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  • Drake_Green
    Today the testing of this new game is done. They have a nice concept of adaptation of my very first MMORPG. Although, it has many bugs that needed to fix. I enjoy it than other equivalent mobile games.

    I have high hopes for the official release of the game. Thank you Gravity.
  • Drake_Green
    Some of you may not know this but I saw a video on YouTube about Ragnarok: Spear of Odin with this guy on hitting everything even the boss and he does not take damage from monsters, apparently its a GOD mode cheat or something and this guy, this one guy finished every dungeon while level 16 posted it on the Facebook fan page and boastfully caption the image "easy". I mean what the capital F!!(Sorry) you cheated your whole way through finished the game then you want to have some sort of credibility?? Are you even serious!? This one guy with no self respect whatsoever cheated the game, finished it, posted his victory pic captioned it "easy" then wanted for us to accept that and then give him some kind of pat in the back? While at the same time saying "good job you did it" speech. I seriously think that's retarded, and I know its also retarded reacting this way but GOD I just need to vent out. Thanks guys again for reading my posts, you support is very much appreciated. If you have feedback's please feel free to comment
  • Drake_Green
    Well i just want to say that I really like playing RO: Spear of Odin but its still on CBT and I heard that they will reset accounts on the official launch of the game, honestly that was both a good news and bad news. It was good news, because I screwed up when I was upgrading some of my skills I was gunning for a berserker but I don't want to use my rubies until launch of the game. Bad news is it will reset my progress and my character, all the hard work I've done all the things I created, crafted, upgraded will be all gone, such a shame but such is life. Still I want to continue playing this game even after they have rebooted the accounts