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Adding Games To The Forum Arcade

Published by Volnus in the blog Volnus's blog. Views: 668

Games on the forum arcade consist of Flash Only games with high score capability. It runs on the same type of software that the previous forum did only with a different interface, and rules.

The old forum ran IPB games which are a type of flash game with an inbuilt API that we can connect the scores to. You can find these games all over I tend to use IBPDownloads you can download 10 a day as a maximum unless you pay which who would.

If for some reason you really wanted a game to be added to the arcade from this list you can simply download the file and add it to our thread or simple email or inbox me on the website downloading them can be a hassle as I may forgot or simply don't have the time.

It's also important to note they don't have to just be IPB Arcade games you could submit regular .swf games from a site like MiniClip the only problem with this is there will be no highscore integration (because we can only use IBP games for the highscore system).

Any games that are submitted to me will be uploaded in a timely fashion so long as I remember to do it and if I have time. I will also attempt to add more games to the arcade in a timely fashion but its something that is a drag to do.

If there are any games you want you can always make your recommendation in the related forum thread but keep in mind that they might not always be done relatively quickly as its a lower priority task.

- If you want a game added you can download it and send it to me (must be .swf).
- If you want me to add a game try to send me the proper files from a site (.swf) or I will have to go searching for them.
- If you want a non swf game added then the main site might be a better fit or we will need to add it as a page either way it will be confusing.

* Improving the arcade will happen but its difficult to work with software you are not familiar with nor drafted the addon yourself that being said it is becoming easier to code with xenforo.
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