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Better Game Ogre Theme

Published by Volnus in the blog Volnus's blog. Views: 1270

There is a new GameOgre Theme coming to the forum and its an option for all users you can select the theme "FragZone". This theme is nearly complete there are styles and stuff to be improved and fixed but it's coming together quite nicely. Some of the key things about it.

- Responsive more so than our other themes with a mobile ready menu.
- Much sleeker user interface with better mobile features and nicer menu.
- Floating sidebar that follows you down the page
- Floating menu/navigation
- Icons for the menu
- Background with changing images (this will be set by us).
- Footer
- Better place for social media links
- Better breadcrumbs.
- Moderators have new moderator bar that floats. (yay \0/)
- Users will have the option to enable/disable floating navigation

More changes to come.
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