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Ragnarok Journey: NEW SERVER!

Published by Bola_bola in the blog Bola_bola's blog. Views: 655

Ragnarok Journey opened a new server in June 6, 2017 as more and more players are ready to experience and start their own journey in the lands of Midgart!

During my revisitation in ROJ, I've noticed a bunch of things that changed over the course of months. Their latest updates included some bug fixes, tinkering the skill descriptions and other stuff. Although the forums for the game have rookie numbers, the community is always fun and always looking forward for upcoming updates.

Here are some of my experience and adventure in Server 6. *Don't mind the IGN , I had no idea to make up as character name* If you want more updates and will sniff out some events, go to WarpPortal.com for more information.

Visit also their Facebook page in www.facebook.com/RagnarokJourney/
Join the #RagnarokJourney experience in Twitter: https://twitter.com/RagnarokJourney



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