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  1. [​IMG]
    Today the testing of this new game is done. They have a nice concept of adaptation of my very first MMORPG. Although, it has many bugs that needed to fix. I enjoy it than other equivalent mobile games.

    I have high hopes for the official release of the game. Thank you Gravity.
  2. Some of you may not know this but I saw a video on YouTube about Ragnarok: Spear of Odin with this guy on hitting everything even the boss and he does not take damage from monsters, apparently its a GOD mode cheat or something and this guy, this one guy finished every dungeon while level 16 posted it on the Facebook fan page and boastfully caption the image "easy". I mean what the capital F!!(Sorry) you cheated your whole way through finished the game then you want to have some sort of credibility?? Are you even serious!? This one guy with no self respect whatsoever cheated the game, finished it, posted his victory pic captioned it "easy" then wanted for us to accept that and then give him some kind of pat in the back? While at the same time saying "good job you did it" speech. I seriously think that's retarded, and I know its also retarded reacting this way but GOD I just need to vent out. Thanks guys again for reading my posts, you support is very much appreciated. If you have feedback's please feel free to comment
  3. Well i just want to say that I really like playing RO: Spear of Odin but its still on CBT and I heard that they will reset accounts on the official launch of the game, honestly that was both a good news and bad news. It was good news, because I screwed up when I was upgrading some of my skills I was gunning for a berserker but I don't want to use my rubies until launch of the game. Bad news is it will reset my progress and my character, all the hard work I've done all the things I created, crafted, upgraded will be all gone, such a shame but such is life. Still I want to continue playing this game even after they have rebooted the accounts
  4. Hi, guys Drake_Green here thanks for continually reading my blogs, right now I'm nearing level 30 now and don't know when I can change jobs. leveling-up is kinda hard now by items are more easy to come by to, crafting items is easy now while dismantling items gives more random items so crafting is a cinch. Apparently, there is a 2nd job in this update now I don't know what level I kind change job but I'll know soon enough. We'll the bugged raid has been updated but they did give compensation when players were stuck in raid mode but its ok now, I'll try to update everyday when i'm playing. Thanks for the support guys
  5. Hi, guys thank you for the support Drake_Green here, right now on Spear of Odin I wanna talk about the benefits of having a guild. On the guild section of the game, there's this thing like the world tree or guild tree(I don't quite remember) you can give love once a day(for free) to make the tree grow now why would like the tree to grow I'll tell you guys in a second, now once you give love(for free) you can still give love by offering your equipments for the tree to level-up now once the tree reach level 10 you can evolve it(or so to say) to the next level where you can see the tree is slightly bigger now, but before you can evolve the tree you must reach a certain donation point on the guild, take note that this is the accumulated donations of all the members of your guild, not just you(at least if you're not alone in your guild). Now if you donate you receive a certain donation point(seriously don't know what that for). Once your tree levels-up the daily guild rewards also levels-up simply put the higher the level of your guild tree(or world tree) the bigger zeny you receive on the daily rewards and if its big enough it will also give prism stones. While doing this guild thing I discovered some sort of bug I dunno if its a feature or bug, glitch whatever, but once you donate zeny on your guild, quited on said guild, applied again on same guild you can donate again!, disregarding the 10hr cooldown! but ofcourse the donation point resets but you can grow your tree faster this way
  6. Goodday to all, I'm kinda happy that some ogre's read my blogs thanks guys, well today I wanna talk about some good and bad points of the game. now I'll be honest it's not really a good topic or so to say, but still I wanna talk about what I discovered and what wrong with the game. Firstly I know that everybody wanted the original ragnarok game turned into a mobile game, secondly I also know that the chinese created a server for this kind of game and we all wanted to play it unfotunately there is a language barrier. thirdly they created this game to bring justice to the calls of the player who wanted a mobile game for Ragnarok. Lastly I liked how they tackled this game how they brought new life to the game, given it new graphics, given it a new vibe that feels nostalgic in a way uhm.. I want to say they did a good job and I know there's a few bugs and glitches here and there but I hope it gets better day by day.
  7. Today, Tuesday, September the 19th, I was playing on the CBT version of the game, well I cannot say the game is perfect there still bugs here and there, all I wanna say is I like this game and I hope they can polish it to near perfection(for perfection is only a word). I think why they released a CBT on SEA to check if they need to fix things on the game, the're letting the players discovers bugs that they did see while bug testing so they can polish the game. I hope to see more of the game in future updates and I wanna see the game evolve.
  8. Ragnarok: Spear of Odin

    Today I was surprised to hear(or rather see) the news online on my facebook page that at long last my awaited game is finally coming in South East Asia.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an android phone but I did search for phone emulators that I can use once it's released. They said they are releasing the CBT on SEA many of the players were disappointed saying things like "CBT again!?" or "How many CBT's do you need?" But what they don't know is that it was only available in Singapore now it's in SEA!!

    And I'm excited!! I am a fan of the Ragnarok franchise (wanna say avid fan but...well you know) and was looking forward to this game for a long time and I thought it's about time they released it (Breaths Heavily).

    For all of you out there that have the same feeling as me PM or check out their FB page for updates, I think I saw freebies and rewards there check it out for yourself.
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