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A free, totally brutal MMORPG by Acclaim that is designed specifically for adult gamers. 2Moons was created to be an easy to get into game set in an aggressive, dangerous and visually stunning world. This M-Rated title is targeted at those looking for an adrenaline soaked experience and aimed squarely at players looking to kick butt for free! 2Moons is based upon a successful MMO called Dekaron in Korea .

Total Rating: 5.45
Reviews: 69

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Post Date: 17:45 26-04-2010
Rating: 0
Author: TLTanker182
Comment: this sucks i give this game a 0 because i cannot even get the client to start it just sends me to a korean website as soon as i try to start the client where my accounts do not exist and asks me for my social security to sign up this is complete bs someone please help i want to play it but i don"t know what to do

Post Date: 13:48 01-01-2010
Rating: 8
Author: EggOrBacon
Comment: I agree, this game is great fun. It's got nice animated graphics. Best of all though, is the community. I played this game since it was released (the open beta)
and the community was straight to help as soon as I got going.
Although there is a lot of grinding in this game, there are a lot of different things to do, which makes it a fun and enjoyable game to play.

Post Date: 00:57 21-12-2009
Rating: 8
Comment: I dont care what people say but this game was fun, the graphics may be just a tad bit bad but the creativity that circles arround it was top notch. the pvp was fair in a sense as well as the monsters were original. the bagi may have been the downside of the game for their weapon use was extremely limited.

Post Date: 04:22 18-11-2009
Rating: 2
Author: many702
Comment: this game has great grpahics tht is it nd gameplay with some grind actually with alot of grind ND THE WORST PART IS THT U SOMETIMES CANT EVEN OPEN THE GAME UP ya u cant its not ur computer its the game some type of bug nd when u ask acclaim about it they make u do all this useless stuff to give u a simple answer u could have figured out urself nd even then the game doestn open nd if it does open it nd u type in ur ID nd password it ends up saying wrong ID or password it takes maybe a week for tht promblum to be fixed then u can start playing ALSO once ur high level ur account might be deleted for some reason ya u heard me magically dissapeared idk how tht happens this game is shiny from the outside but sucks in the inside

Post Date: 06:09 11-11-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Merlock760
Comment: Bah this game is bloody sh*t 1.Full of bots 2.hackers 3. VH lag even with 4mb conn.
so my verdict u americans destroy any game u convert.

Post Date: 06:03 10-11-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Joker
Comment: Bloody but empty imo. All u do is grind!

Post Date: 20:12 29-09-2009
Rating: 6
Author: CJs105
Comment: this game was ok

Post Date: 20:19 15-09-2009
Rating: 1
Author: aramond
Comment: Another Asian grindfest. Ok if you like that sort of thing... most people outside of Korea don't.

Post Date: 17:50 05-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: khug1990
Comment: I like this game its a game that doesnt make you bored too fast and it doesnt put you down its a really good game its better than what i thought it would be but im only lvl 48 so i guess the fun hasnt started you meet some cool people and there is allways something new to do too keep you entertained im rating it a 10/10

Post Date: 07:16 22-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: cuquini
Comment: I am playing Two Moons and I am currently at level 192 and still having fun!

Post Date: 21:30 15-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Right, I've reviewed this game before, but then I was younger and I only did really short reviews, so I'll do a more in-depth one now. Also, note that I don't play Acclaim's 2moons, I play Dekaron, which 2moons copies from, because 2moons can now only be played by people in North America, and I'm in the UK. However, Dekaron and 2moons right now are virtually the same in terms of gameplay, so my review will be accurate for both games.

I enjoy this game. Why? I'm not too sure, there are a multitude of reasons I can think of, one could be the blood and gore in this game, which there is lots of, every slash you deal to a monster causes it to spray blood onto the floor. It may be because of the satisfying amounts of damage you deal once you get further into the game, and then you start killing monsters at a rate of a monster every 15 seconds, it could just be because of the graphics, I don't know, but many aspects of this game are great.

Time till game can start: 7/10
The game is 1GB download, so for people without broadband it could be rubbish, but I constantly download 1GB games anyway, so it doesn't really matter to me. However, be wary if your connection speed is low.

Graphics: 8/10
Graphics in this game obviously aren't Crysis-like, but they are stunning and pretty good, even at the lowest setting it looks good, though just by turning bloom on it makes the whole game look a lot better. In short, the graphics in this game are great, especially the skill animations.

Music: 10/10
Probably the only time I'll give a game 10/10 in music, why? Because this is the only game that has a built-in music player, you just copy all your songs to the game's music folder (it's somewhere in My Computer), and there you go, no hassle, all your favourite music without turning anything else on.

Quests: 7/10
The Quests in this game actually aren't bad, they are just typical hunt this amount of monsters style quests (though dungeon quests are incredibly fun, these are REALLY RARE), and I would have given it an 8/10, if it wasn't for the fact that there are SO LITTLE OF THEM!!!!! The game starts off with an abundance of quests, but pretty soon (after level 10 or so), there are rarely any quests (like 1 every 5 levels).

Gameplay: 10/10!!!!!
Yes, many people may disagree with me, but I'm choosing to give this game a 10/10 in gameplay! The skills in this game are awesome and look cool, and are fun to use, every single instance dungeon is a great experience, and when you get AoEs, it is VERY satisfying to just blow up a huge amount of monsters at the same time.

Fun: 10/10!
Fun as well, I don't know what it is about this game, but I really like it for a strange reason, every element of this game just makes me really like this game, the weapons, the skills, the armor, heck, I even like the quests because its almost fun to kill monsters in this game.

Community: 9/10
I can't really give this a 10, but I would if I play a lot longer, just to prove it to myself, because currently, every person I've met is friendly, and human! Surprisingly, when I talk to people, they reply in normal sentences, not l33t 53n73nc35, or txt spch, which is a relief, also, everyone's very friendly.

Character Customizability: 4/10
This is one of the game's weak points, there is barely any character customization at the beginning, every member of a class looks the same to start with, and there are 6 classes, so there are only 6 looks to choose from, and only 3 if you care about what gender you are (3 classes are male, 3 are female, and you can't change that), it gets slightly better later on, as you can buy costumes that don't do anything, but give you a certain look, and also armor makes you look different, though if someone's the same level as you are, and the same class, chances are, they would be wearing the same armor as you are, which is the best for your current level, so everyone that's your level range would also look the same as you :D

Company: 8/10
I'm playing on the EU Dekaron right now, so Gametribe owns my version, and they do a good job, though I think Acclaim might be doing slightly better, as they have two servers (Trieste and Abaddon), and Gametribe only has one currently (Insania), and Acclaim's version, 2moons, seems to be much the same as the original Dekaron right now, so I can't complain about them, except for them only allowing North American people to play on their version (WHY???), anyway, Gametribe is doing a good job.

PvP: 9/10
PvP is one of the highlights of this game, duels are usually fun, especially at high levels, since both people have really flashy skills that are just fun to watch even for observers, and PKing is allowed, though its funny as PKers can be targeted by anyone, so everyone on a map just goes after a PKer lol

Overall: 9/10
I really like this game, it captured my attention a long time ago, and now I've come back to it, it has once again captured my attention very well, the gameplay's good, the graphics are great, but more importantly, it makes me come back to play it, and I think I'm ready to play all the way to the high levels for a change.

BTW, I'm playing a Vicious Summoner on Atlantis, INSANIA, on Gametribe's Dekaron, and it's called louis058. I recommend you try this game up to level 20 at least, then judge it.

Post Date: 11:52 07-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: sesaqui
Comment: Graphics: 7/10. Bloom effect rocks, and the terrain is not too bad either. Just pulled it down due to lack of character customisation.

Quests : 6/10 It was nice in the lower levels, but as you get higher.. dwindles like crazy. Forget about quests. Was fun while it lasted.

Sound : 8/10 Why? After all the 1/10s? I agree default sound is lacking, but hey, there's the ingame mp3 system. Move them all into your 2moons folder and voila, your in game itunes.

Gameplay : 7/10 Yes.. it's a grind. But. There're instance dungeons to cover it up. Bored of that? Party! Bored of normal grinding? Go to df, find a party and have fun. Bored? There're new maps, new party dungeons. Go for it. And.. there're the wings you get at 102! Note though, you get to 102 after some hard work, ie, exp is pretty steep, so don't expect an easy time to get your wings, and yes I do have a life, thank you.

Probably what I like most about 2moons is that there's a pressure to keep getting the best you can get out of your equipment - ie goals, due to df/pvp or pk/dps.

(Granted there's no crafting and stuff, but with such a pvp oriented system, I don't think it's absolutely necessary)

Community: 8/10 I've been playing this since late 07, on and off, but I keep going back to it. Find yourself some nice solid friends and this'd be an awesome game. True there are jerks, but when you get pked feel free to move from shard to shard. If they follow you around, then that's another issue. As I get higher up, I see less and less of high levels pking the lowbies, ie more maturity. Some people just flag your for fun by the way, so don't fall for them. And also, get a guild!

Pvp: 9/10 Love the free pk. Awesome for some drama. Shield helps as well. Then there're party pvp arenas, the pvp at the end of df, siege. : ) But either way, to me the not so hardcore pvpers and the hardcore ones can have some fun at the end of the day.

Publisher/Developer: 5/10 for bad service, painfully slow when it comes to new content. 2Moons is very far behind the original Dekaron. Constant bots are annoying too - although the blacklist is pretty fine.

Private Servers: Sucks. Yes nice to try around, have some fun with wings, etc. But at the end of the day it gets awfully boring fast. Zilch sense of accomplishment. I'll say private servers are just small time fillers and nothing else.

Overall: 9/10, for being the only game that has held my attention for such a long time.

Post Date: 06:57 01-04-2009
Rating: 10
Author: punchingnun2
Comment: This is one of the best games ive played. Almost like Perfect World in a way. If you have ever played Runescape and like the old graphics better than the new then you know where im comin from when you wake up in the morning to play Runescape and you have that feeling that makes you love it, 2Moons gives you that feeling that makes you love MMORPG games!

Post Date: 22:44 27-03-2009
Rating: 8
Comment: THis game is fun... til you realize how hard it gets to lvl.. Srsly, play on the private server "Dekaron extreme" (if I remeber the name right).. its 1500xExp and still it gets kinda challenging to lvl after lvl 110-120. If you somehow managed to lvl to 100+ on normal server you have NO LIFE! Pvp kinda rulez - you can attack anyone anywere( to bad you may end up in prison for a week r 2 but its freakin worth it cuz ppl in this game takes it more srlsy to die in it than in reality.) Pvp in this game really gave me many good laughts and I loved it. I"ll rate this 8... but honestly - private server is SO much funnier.

Post Date: 08:54 24-03-2009
Rating: 6
Author: acxrockerxdc
Comment: Good graphics, with in the direct vicinity of the character, anywhere else is just a blue blur,
no customization,
no quests,
no community, swear to god its dead,
and above all the game is made for grinding, there, im done.

Post Date: 08:17 11-03-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Firon4000
Comment: This game is decent.

Graphics: 8/10 pretty nice graphics all around
Gameplay: 5/10 I hate the click to move system, its garbage.
Sound: 1/10 The music is lacking.
Community: 8/10 most are pretty nice. But this game is plauged w/ goldspammers.

Post Date: 05:24 03-03-2009
Rating: 9
Author: bugmenot
Comment: This game is awesome. I've played Cabal, Rappelz, Ghost Online, Perfect World, Shaiya, and Silkroad. I've quit all those games in less than a month, but 2moons has got me as a dedicated player. Why?
Simply Put: Gameplay.
Sure, Cabal has some good graphics, rappelz has an extensive pet system, and perfect world has huge maps, but 2moons has something that's indescribable. It's probably the bloom effect (jk).

Gameplay (9/10): Grinding isn't that bad actually. Partying is fun. Deadfront and PvP is what makes 2moons unique. Just try them and you'll be hooked onto 2moons.

Graphics (6/10): The graphics aren't all that great, but I love the bloom effect. Fortunately, 2moons doesn't require a jesus-like computer. Character customization is poor. You can't see far distances...

Community (9/10): When I'm in a map with another person and I have a question, i go "Hey! Where is XYZ?" (XYZ being anything). Most of the time the person responds with a correct answer.

Sound (1/10): This is something 2moons really sucks at. I always listen to my iPod while playing the game.

Anyways, 2moons is probably the best f2p MMORPG out there. WoW beats 2moons by far.. but p2p is a different story.

Post Date: 04:43 11-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: bigfngun
Comment: ok first of all this game is fun u dont just have to grind u can run deadfront battles which give hella exp and that guy didnt get to lvl 102 in a month lol your a dumbass srry and community is awsome dont know what these guys tlkin about cabal suxs WoW is overrated gameplay is fun and for a free game lots of peps play i even got my school teacher playin lol i got to lvl 60 in about 2 weeks ya it is hard to lvl but thats what makes a game challenging and u dont get pked all the time by hi lvles ya u do only if u piss them off or run up and hit them then try to get away ya your dead lol this game rocks ive played WoW guild wars all that other bull shit but its free armor looks rlly great and the sets lots of ways to enchant armor and weapons to my characters name is bjenk server triste vicious summoner lvl 60 guild pokesmot if u havnt played it than just stfu people want comments from people who have played the game not looked at it and compair it to WoW this game suxs WoW sucks now thats a game full of 10 year olds lol

Post Date: 11:30 07-02-2009
Rating: 5
Author: ThePunkGamr15
Comment: Ive played the game myself for some days but it gets harder to level up.

Post Date: 23:23 17-01-2009
Rating: 7
Author: blackvaultz
Comment: im only 15 but i play this but anyway id have to
say i hate getting pk by 10yr olds with such a short attention span and how much this game seems so good at times but soley dissapoints me but im still playing if u dont like korean mmos o well id have to suggest cabal over this thogh

Post Date: 11:25 26-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: naruto25
Comment: Graphics are beautiful,but yes it is hard to level up at times.

Post Date: 23:57 09-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: eXoZmM
Comment: A game that MANY thought would become the next WoW(Solely because of graphics) but on July 31, 2007 that population of MANY was deeply disappointed. 2Moons was supposed to revolutionize the Asian MMO game type, but instead just made it look better.

Gameplay - 6/10 - The best part about this game is when you first look at it. You look at the graphics and just can"t believe that this is a free game, but once you play, you realize why it"s a free game. The game itself isn"t that bad. Many places to go, things to fight, and great quests(Including a low level dungeon!) But once you hit 20+, you realize the constant repetition of the term better known as "Grinding". Grinding is a huge thing in this game. You grind the low levels to get the quests(Yes, the grinding starts at low levels instead of 20+ like in other games), you grind the mid levels to start PvPing, and you grind the high levels to get the high level quests/complete the game. If it weren"t for the constant grinding of levels, this game would be 20X better. Acclaim needs to figure out how to make exp go a bit faster. Although the grinding is bad, it"s not as bad as other games, which is why I gave the gameplay a 6/10.

PvP - 7/10 - This game has wonderful PvP. You can PvP anywhere, even at low levels. All classes are semi-balanced so they can at least have a fighting chance if you put in the stats right for PvP. PvP though has one flaw for low levels, The Shield. The shield is the green bar above the red and blue bar in the picture. It"s kind of like a damage reductor. The damage will first go to the shield, then to the HP. As a low level, it"s hard to keep up your damage to take away the shield, so low level duels aren"t played much anymore. Another MAJOR flaw is that you can"t see people"s levels. Because you can"t see people"s levels, you never know what level person your fighting. Once, as a level 6, I challenged a hunter who I thought was level 4-5 because she had low level gear. Turns out she was level 12. Although you don"t lose anything but PvP points when you lose, this is still a problem that should be fixed. Many players buy low level armour or wear nothing to make it seem as though they are low levels, and start PvPing near the first town, where all the level 1"s are.

Graphics - 9/10 - This game has the best graphics out of ALL free MMORPG"s in the MMO world. Acclaim made it a point early on that the game would be know around the MMO gaming industry for their graphics as a free MMO, and they certainly achieved that. Though I don"t agree with their rating for their graphics, they definitely made one of the best visual games on the market. The reason is didn"t get 10/10 is because of how the letters in-game and chat looks. It looks as though they ripped the chat interface out of Last Chaos or Legend of Ares and just stuck it in there, hoping no one would notice. Other than those two things, the graphics are simply outstanding for a free MMORPG.

Community - 6/10 - The first day the game came out, the community was at least visible(I"ll explain later on) and it was also nice to have. I logged in one year later to find the first town FLOODED with gold sellers, so bad that you can"t even type. I also logged in to find many "1337" kids. The community is ok if you can find the right guild, but other than that, it"s impossible to make friends like you could on the first day it came out. Many people think that if your not a high level by a certain amount, your a noob and they tend to not leave you alone after making their fact loud and clear. The community on the forums isn"t so bad though. Actually, they are rather helpful to you throughout the game, unless you come across someone that calls you a noob, which from my perspective you probably won"t. The community itself could make the game better if they distinguish themselves as a game that"s helpful and not mean, much like most other games in the MMO World.

Quests - 7/10 - The quest system was just fabulous. The quests are not your regular, find this guy, kill these things, gather me 20 of that variety. You do get those quests, but they are not repetitive. The developers have mixed the quests up, giving you a reason to want to continue doing them. Also, at a low level you are able to do a dungeon quest, which is great for getting people to work for levels and to keep questing. The quests range from the 3 quests I stated above(Get me this, kill that, meet this guy) to killing a boss and many other things. I think they did a great job on getting a good quest system into a game that was mainly played for blood, gore and graphics. They definitely did a good job sneaking in that part of a MMO.

Overall - 7/10 - This overall is based on the overall experience I got from this game. The game itself has many different points that have to be touched upon before efficiently reviewing it, such as graphics, gameplay, community and quests. To some, PvP would be included here, but for me it isn"t because usually games are made to be played through the storyline, not to be a PvP fest.The graphics are what makes this game. They are the outside of the book. Acclaim did a wonderful job perfecting them, but graphics can"t be everything for gamers. The gameplay, which is what this game is lacking, is the "Beef" of the book. It"s what you get the game for, and Acclaim needs to step up their gameplay or this game won"t survive for much longer. The part of gameplay that kills the game the most is the grinding, and I don"t see Acclaim fixing that anytime soon, but you never know. Quests are the credits of the book, and Acclaim really did a good job making the quests so that they wouldn"t be ignored. In 2Moons, the quests are actually semi intriguing so that people will do them. Community in this game just doesn"t make the cut for me. The community REALLY needs to step up and help make the game more newbie friendly. When you enter the game, your chat box fills up with spam, not giving new users a great view of the game. In fact, it gives users an awful view because it gives them a view that Acclaim can"t handle bots. Bots/Chat spammers are where Acclaim needs to step up and fix it. They can fix the community, but it would be rather hard. The community is something that brings down the overall rating of the game, but it"s liveable. It"s not horrible like in other games, where you get insulted 24/7. You CAN find help, you CAN find friends, you just have to look for them. I"m going to be honest, don"t expect to just download the game and get help. You need to help yourself. People in this game are nice, but they don"t cater to new players. Overall, this game is a great game to try, and possibly create a long standing MMO career on. Every gamer should at least try this game, most of the reason is because of the Free MMORPG revolutionizing graphics. Although the grinding is tough, you may find the game fun, so don"t take everyone"s advice here, try it for yourself. You won"t regret it!

Post Date: 22:17 27-10-2008
Rating: 5
Author: 102player
Comment: devilzon lvl 6 months lvl 66 ur just a noob end of topic im got to 102 in a month -.- noob go play cabal and is caredear server lmao u prolly only got to a.master skill rank in cabal in 1 year rofl

Post Date: 23:21 22-10-2008
Rating: 7
Author: game rater
Comment: eh iam downloading it rite now since silkroad doesnt work anymore i have to pick another game.. any way i hope this is fun it looks fun i seen gameplays on youtube.com looks fun..

Post Date: 10:04 07-10-2008
Rating: 5
Author: satyrion
Comment: This game reminds me a little bit of Diablo 2, its quite boring to level and actually play the game and the only reason you play it is because its free and when you hit level 80 plus you can start PK noobs, just like u do in Diablo 2.

The game lacks everything else you can imagine except that you can PK anyone almost anywhere which is quite new and refeshing.

Post Date: 16:44 22-08-2008
Rating: 4
Author: devilzon
Comment: Dont waster your time...Play Cabal Online..its not perfect but its better then 2Moons.

This game will turn you into an butthole (I have a stronger word for it but ill be nice), Its full of 10 year old liars and high lvl pkers..you"ll be playing and all of a sudden there"s a lvl 80+ there to pk you..the grind is insanely boring..If this game dident have Dead Front there would be no point in playing...I played for 6 months and only got to lvl 66...

I must say it does have BEST PVP system for an MMO but you"re stuck with liars..they"ll literally buy low lvl armor to make themselves look like there low lvls so they can easily beat you in PVP..you ask them to party so you can see there lvl and they"ll say "no..PVP me first^_^"
or something gay like that..I"m like..yeah you guys need to stop being little kids and learn to be honest...the community sucks major..male reproductive organs (so I"m not Immature..apparently swearing makes you immature in MMOs O.o).
Anyways the game play is good..if Acclaim would make newbie severs were PK is restricted it"d help lower lvls lvl up faster and make the game more enjoyable for them. I like helping noobs..without them there woulent be players.
you all were a noob at one time dont act like you were automaticaly a high lvl.

Now lets get into the bots...WOW there are 3 to 4 bots for every 2 players in the game..you"ll be in Parca Temple in the back were the mobs are and there well be a group of AK (knights) killing one mob..

Lucky for Acclaim they put anti-KSing in this game...which is awesome if there isn"t a mage or ranger close by.

Over all rating for enjoyment is a 4..and I"m being nice it really should be a 3 but I did waste a good portion of my life on the game so I had to like it a little.

graphics = 7
armor and weps = 9
PVP system = 10
game play = 9
community = 1
leveling = 4

Oh and one more thing...75-85% of the high lvls used VAC hack before the BMR patch...its pathetic and shameful but there are always idiots wanting to be cool online..

Post Date: 00:26 13-08-2008
Rating: 6
Author: ubermensch
Comment: Kinda fun, is one of those click-to-move systems, which can be REALLY annoying when you want to click an enemy, but you click the spot right next to it.

However, I love how the NPCs aren't your average quest givers. They curse, make fun of you, and even offer humorous commentary.

Post Date: 21:22 08-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: killor91
Comment: A really fun game if you can tolerate the grind. But, it has gotten alot better since it first came out. There are events every weekend which include 2x 3x and 5x and double drop rates which make it alot easier to level. I love this game because its so pk oriented of course if might take a while to actually start owning.

Post Date: 15:21 08-08-2008
Rating: 1
Author: killervickboy
Comment: this is basically world of warcraft with a virus stupid the graphics arent bad to tell you there good for a game u hav to download but the point is stupid the only thing good about this game is the well polished graphics

Post Date: 21:16 06-08-2008
Rating: 4
Author: donring
Comment: Well, here is how 2 moons is. Almost everyone plays the knight class. The grind gets very boring and usually you will get pked by power levelers and bored high levels before you can hardly get started. For a mmorpg it really isnt that big of a world and everything is connected by portals..(a turn-off for me for some reason)
The graphics on the terrain kinda suck but the monsters have adequate graphics but the armor sets are very exaggerated and cool looking. There is alot of freedom of speech which is kinda nice but some people abuse it. Dont like the community much...
All in all I gave it a 4 but even thats a little generous.

Post Date: 12:53 06-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: orasis
Comment: One of the reasons that 2 moons fails is that it failed where EQ 2 failed, in making the graphics so hardware intensive they sidelined many people who would be players and made others who play, slowly, bitter.

Take a lesson from Blizzard and wow and all of their other games, when you make a game - make it look great as possible but as easily accessible as possible! - WOW looks great and it plays fine with a PIII, EVERYONE can play WOW and that's why Blizz is making lots of money.

P.S Besides the graphics there technically is no 'game' within this piece of software. - Bad stay away.

Post Date: 11:03 02-08-2008
Rating: 7
Author: sedmicite
Comment: super

Post Date: 06:08 19-07-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Shapno
Comment: Pro:
good combat love that i can pvp any1 anywere (no arena) or i can atleast protect my camp from outsiders in certin areas
great classes pretty much the basics but they did a great job of them
great graphics alil to much on the blood tho

cant choose ur gender (always wanted to be a male ranger)
not enough non combat skills, its just fight quest(pretty much more fighting amounts of monster s or npc talking),dungeons(more fighting under a time limit), or fishing(the fishes are raw).....ye gets boring lol
Dead Front(DF) is glitched soemtimes u cant even leave the starting point
and the screen lag kicks in when theres to much players

soo if ur just into monster killing pvps this is the game for u =D

Post Date: 03:12 09-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: tsunetsuki
Comment: I decided to play this game after taking a gamer quiz and getting 2Moons as the best game for my "gamer type."

The graphics are pretty good. They're up there. I'd give them an 8.

The game play is great. Pretty easy to level up. I got to level 15 in about three hours. I'd give it an 8 also.

I didn't really speak to many people so I can't really speak too much on the community. I did listen in to the conversations of some other players and everybody seems nice enough.

It's pretty easy and quick to connect to a server. Downloading, installing, and logging on went very well, in fact. The game even stayed connected when I went afk for a couple of hours to do some stuff around the house.

That's pretty much all the good I have to say about the game.

The biggest annoyance I have about 2moons is that annoying Acclaim advertisement that pops up every 30 seconds. It's optional but to have the the ad up, you get an extra 1.5x experience in the earlier levels.

Something weird I found about the game is that the NPCs say weird things. I've never encountered a talking NPC in an MMORPG before (and for good reason, I've learned) but when you click on them, they give a corny line that has nothing to do with the quest on hand. Weird. Very weird.

The camera is kind of hard to control. I found myself stopping every so often to adjust the camera. I didn't find any kind of auto-camera option either. That sucked.

There's very little character customization. For a game with such wonderful graphics, I would have liked to create a character I liked looking at.

Also, I didn't see anything in the game that can count as M-rated. Unless the blood and the occasional "*damn*!" counts. Other than that, it's a typical MMORPG.

Play this game if you're tired of all the uber Azn martial artz MMOs out there but there's really nothing that great about 2moons, really.

Post Date: 23:17 08-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: wakeboardhero
Comment: cool

Post Date: 23:32 17-06-2008
Rating: 3
Author: MikeXCore1992
Comment: Way too gimicky it you can see the immaturity in just the voice acting and stuff, they just throw in swears and "adultish humor" in places where it is just stupid

and omg there is BLOOD...OMG, its brutal

the game is boring same thing over and over graphics are blurry i just did not like it

Post Date: 03:47 17-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: metalalch
Comment: 1 comment..Acclaim needs to stay outta the mmorpg variety

Post Date: 00:50 01-06-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Opresser
Comment: Well here you go.. Lineage 2 with a signifigant amount of blood. And double the grind.

Yes this game will have you doing the same thing for hours.. not giving you any different things to do to raise your level other then kill the same thing and watch the same level of blood fire out of it.

Not to mention, even though it is a rated M game it appears to attract much for 1337 kids then most games tend to do. Its forums are raved by them and its impossible to start a topic without it getting flammed within 5 minutes.

Graphics 89.7676%
Community 10.545%
Sound 66.4546%
Innovation 13.4548%
Customer Support 5.5454%

Overall 34.5454% - You fail. Not reccomended.

Post Date: 03:49 28-03-2008
Rating: 2
Author: kingboy409
Comment: it's an alright game filled with adventure and what not. i would recommend it to lower class gamers.

Post Date: 22:21 24-02-2008
Rating: 2
Author: TakemeSeriOus
Comment: Ok, theres 1 word to desrcibe this game and it SUCKS. Almost everything about it sucks, the graphics are very very disaapointing,it is very repeative all you is GRIND GRIND GRIND and GRIND, the music is repeative too, and all the blood, its not nessacry, trust me dont download it. I"m very disappointed with you Acclaim, we want a game, not this trash.

Post Date: 21:10 18-02-2008
Rating: 3
Author: kingfire28
Comment: i downloaded the game played for 1 time and delete the game, don't take my advice the game is kinda violence hey don't hate me i'm a kid

Post Date: 09:33 17-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: flybomber
Comment: its awsome

Post Date: 01:53 10-02-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Karloff
Comment: Ok I played this game for 2 days and possibly only 3 hours each time. The bots are HORRIBLE. They spam constantly in the main cities, which can be heard all around. Every half a second it is spamming.

That is correct though, all you do is grind and kill stuff. The quests are unoriginial and boring.

Another thing that ANNOYED me to no end, was the fact a HUGE banner every 5 minutes would pop up left of the map. Either advertising another acclaim game or saying AKKCLAIM. Ok for one thing I know the damn game is from akkclaim you dont need to remind me, second I dont want to see commericals while i"m gaming. I left the game because of those 2 reasons. If you can live with it, more power to ya, my opinion it was horrible.

Post Date: 03:01 08-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Darkvctry
Comment: This game had the potential to be one of the best. However ACCLAIM MESSED IT UP. GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND....all you do is freakin grind. I wish i could have all that time back i wasted on such a stupid game. Acclaim customer service sucked while 3 guild members had their accounts hacked into.

The UnitedLegions guild was one of the first 5 guilds to be made, we was there from the launch and already had our guild fan page up. Acclaim decided to freeze the guild leaders account after his was hacked into. Acclaim did not allow us to get our guild back and we lost ALL THE ADVENTURE POINTS........this game isnt even worth the time, as a hardcore gamer......please do not waste your time here trust me, IT SUCKS. www.UnitedLegions.org for the full story on how acclaim screwed us. Since then we have moved on to other games. Oh and the item mall, i spent over 300 bucks there to fund the guild mates, whate a waste.

Post Date: 22:27 17-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: camera2616
Comment: I don't know about the rest but game fly has been giving me the run around. I was supposed to get my game within 7 days the company promises. When I initially signed up, the games arrived within 3 days which is by the way what the U.S postal services states for in state delivery. I'm in California and they are in California. Its been 10 days and I still haven't seen my game. The other game I ordered, was mailed on 12/13/2007. I still haven't seen this game and I have a feeling im never seeing my games again and they will charge me for these games which I never received. Some kind of scam which I might have to fight in court if I don't get my games soon and they charge me for it. I have complained to them but all they say is wait longer and you'll receive it. Other then that, they won't respond to my emails. My suggestion, don't sign up for this company, they are a fraud if I ever saw one. If not, they have really bad customer service! Either way, don't waste your money!

Post Date: 23:05 14-12-2007
Rating: 5
Author: nik001
Comment: i am new to 2 moons and don't know how to attack help please.

Post Date: 23:02 27-11-2007
Rating: 1
Author: kite12
Comment: this is basicaly a 2nd 9 dragons but tweeked

Post Date: 14:44 18-11-2007
Rating: 7
Author: yeas123
Comment: This game has been servicing in Korea for about 3 or 4 years , it u think the graphic sucks set your graphic card , sorry to tell you this game is not even in the top 50 online game list in Korea

Post Date: 19:11 06-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: cnomis
Comment: graphic 9/10
pvp 8/10
gameplay 10/10
lvling 6/10

Post Date: 11:37 06-11-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Xplosive@[GP]
Comment: disapointing the graphics arnt that good gringing takes hours and worst of all is the character customization its the worst!

Post Date: 07:37 30-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Dreamlight
Comment: rating

graphic 9/10 - nice, although people don't normally set all setting to high to kill your graphic card

music 6/10 - repeative

pvp 8/10 - general + the shield system which is nice.(score thing is likely to be bugged)

GVG no rating yet

community - 6/10 lots of ks and pking going on, as you would expect from a 18+ game....

Violence - ??? NVM of that, it's just random red pixels, you will gets bored eventually

lving - 6/10 boring...no other words for it.

customialse - 3/10 only thing you can choose is your job, your name(which means no gender, no face change, nothing everyone looks EXACTLY the same) Although custom shop is there.

DC and server issues - mostly in game problems, dc is frequent. If you got a bad comp and slow internet speed than you would probabily get more dcs.

other problems: summoner over numbered....(50%-60% of population of all 6 classes)


Post Date: 14:50 21-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: TheGameReviewer
Comment: Let Me Review This Game Correctly

Graphics 10/10 , If You Think Graphics Suck All You Need Is A New Graphic Card

Gameplay 10/10 The Gameplay Is Awesome
Community 9/10 The Cummunity s Good , Players Are Friendly

Sound 7/10 The Music Is Too Short
Violence 10/10 Alot Of Blood! =D

Overall = 10/10

The GM Did A Good Job On This..Try it Out

Post Date: 08:40 15-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: fearcd
Comment: OMG This game is terrible, graphics horrible, small world, long loadings...

Post Date: 16:54 30-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Blueaw1224
Comment: Awesome graphics if u play and nned help add blueaw122 on xfire its sweeeeeeeeet i am lvl 22 in a week i am so addicted its like WoW only yeah

Post Date: 04:25 24-09-2007
Rating: 2
Author: excalibar
Comment: Though once highly praised, this game fails to deliver. GMs lack devotion, and updates are rare. Several simple issues are not properly addressed, making exploitation possible. Though 2Moon has one of the best concept and control within the genre, its failure to fulfill its own promises undermine the game's potential.

Funny how Acclaim decided to implant item shop in Open Beta and failed to properly address some of the most obvious issues. I find it rather amusing that Acclaim cannot even provide proper customer support when the company is only hosting four MMOs at the moment.

Post Date: 04:30 18-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Nevarine
Comment: This game pathetic. It is like all japanese and has horrible controls and graphics.

Post Date: 19:38 10-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Tameas
Comment: Adult rated language used mostly by kids is what makes this game adult. Very much like Hero Online cept only one class can have pets. 2 main multichannel servers. Weapons are class specific unlike Rappelz where you can use any weapon you wish.
Graphics near Rappelz standard highier than Hero Online.
Uses NProtect to prevent hackers. Remember to turn off your PC temperature monitor before playing as NProtect uses the same system interrupts as you temperature monitor.

Dungeons are mostly solo in the beginning ... party dungeons later.

The most interesting variation is a prison for Pkers ... kill too many fellow players (outside of PVP challenge) and yah get put away. Other players can visit the prison and Gawk at yah.

As with any other game just out of closed beta there are lots of closed beta players around.

Post Date: 12:11 04-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: eniwtna72
Comment: Well this game it needs work, but all in all its not to bad. The quest system was horrible though, so even if i wanted to do some quest they just told me a story but after that i didnt know were to go after that. Charactor costomizing was not there at all. Race and name thats about all i got(at one point in a fight me and another charactor fighting next to each other I didnt know who was who). But to tell you the truth the clock is ticking for this game as well. As soon as i logged in the first thing i saw in the chat box was advertisement for buying Dil on line. That to me is the back breaker of MMORPG's. For example I was a grinder on lineage 2, held that account for 2 yrs, got my subclass and had a good time. Then came the Ebayer's prices went up i couldnt afford to buy even basic mats. Not to mention some guy thats been playing for like 3 months was at my lv and had better gear then me, because he grinded his but off, and got so lucky with his high lv crafts(yea right). Well like all MMO this one will fall as well do to the ebayer's greed.

Post Date: 07:19 02-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: geohyte
Comment: This game I find more appealing than Last Chaos. I know this hasn't been in Open Beta for long, but it's still rather nice for now. I can see this game becoming something great if treated right by the GM's. For now it's still young, and thriving quite nicely.
Graphics I find better than Last Chaos, and games like it. I've seen lots of members from both games create guilds in both games. Players find more excitement in the grinding of 2 Moons, but find joy in the community that developed in Last Chaos.
For now this game can still grow, and I'm sure will Rival a lot of games when it matures.

Post Date: 19:28 20-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jarlaxle
Comment: i hated it, might as well go back to last chaos, it was like the armor you wore did nothing, if a mob got a hit in i was already close to dieing, and i was a freaking knight it just wasnt fun

Post Date: 17:20 18-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: debit256
Comment: My stupid PC won"t let it run good. But the videos i saw from good running pc"s were good. I think this game is very good, well the battling atleast.

Post Date: 22:38 16-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gsker
Comment: hardly any armor to choose from freaking quests take forever to find the rite person !!!!is just like MU!!

Post Date: 17:12 12-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: dmarior
Comment: its an amazing game when u get going. Easy to get into, very friendly environment. And it doesnt tie u in with monthly sunscription charges so if u wana take a break, no waste of the $.

Post Date: 12:41 05-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: excalibar
Comment: The graphic is awesome. Action-packed, 2Moons has (so far) dedicated GMs, helpful community, and incredible interface. The experience rate might be intimidating at first, but leveling gets easier as you become more acustomed to the game. As of now, there"s no free MMORPG that can even remotely compare to 2Moons.

The game could use customization and the quests still need work, but for a game in Open Beta, 2Moons is an indubious success.

DON"T MISS OUT. Try it, and you won"t regret it.

Post Date: 13:17 22-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: mmoking
Comment: It's fun and it's got great action and quests, but i think they could tone down the guttermouth just a bit!

Post Date: 23:59 14-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: scorpian470
Comment: Hey, I dont really think that the interface plays that big of a role in how good a game is. I think it deal alot with the variety of customization choice as well as a well organize leveling and skill system with descent cgi

Post Date: 03:36 01-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: joka777
Comment: im sorry but this game blue me away im in closed beta and i swore not to tell any details about this game so i wont but this gamne truely blue me away its like WoW but lot darker accalaim truely did a out standing job on this game!!!

Post Date: 23:05 26-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Merathena
Comment: Ugh horrible game. No community support. No Gm events. Just grind grind grind!

Post Date: 20:30 24-02-2007
Rating: 8
Author: skull12580
Comment: looks good what can i say,only problem takes forever to get in

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